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October recap: 4 countries in 4 weekends!

While contemplating the past 6 months on a never ending train ride home earlier this week, I was wondering about the craziness of my travels these days. While I thought traveling from Norway to Curaçao to Turin within 2 weeks back in June was pretty insane, I can’t help but think that October was even more hectic. During the week I worked and in the weekends, I traveled. Four different countries in four weekends. Packing on Friday (or any other day), leaving the next morning, back on Sunday night and unpacking on Monday. Then work, gym, sleep and packing again. My friends have a hard time keeping track of where I am but to be honest, so have I …

1st weekend of October: Limburg (NL)
Limburg has always had a special place in my heart. It’s the southernmost province in The Netherlands and it’s just so different than the rest of our country. The landscape is different (we actually have some hills there), the people are incredibly friendly and to me, it even feels like you’re in another country. While there, we finished a 90 km hiking route we started last year. Even though I once said that I’d hike no more than 25 km in one day when carrying a pack with camping gear, it turned out that our first day of hiking was over 33 km. Quite a challenge but we made it to the campsite just fine, right before it got dark. The next morning we got up early and walked back to our car. The afternoon was spent on relaxing in a spa …


2nd weekend of October: Oberhausen (Germany)
Ohhh boy, going to Oberhausen in Germany basically means one thing: shopping! Now I know this doesn’t match with my image of always wanting to be outdoors, but sometimes I just like doing things that  any “normal person” likes: going shopping with girlfriends! So that’s what I did… Oberhausen in Germany is perfect for that, since it has the biggest indoor shopping mall in Europe. It’s only a one hour drive from where we live so it makes a perfect getaway for a day.  Officially I didn’t have to pack for this trip, however I did have to unpack: I don’t recall ever spending this much money on a shopping spree before. Thanks girls!


3rd weekend of October: Pajottenland (Belgium)
We were invited to try out a new hiking trail that recently opened up in Belgium. The area we visited is called Pajottenland and is not only perfect for hiking but also a very gastronomic place. We had a great dinner and also visited a brewery, where some very traditional beers are made. The weather was perfect and made up for a great getaway close to home. Movie and more pictures will be online sometime next week!


4th weekend of October: Athens (Greece)
OK I didn’t go here for just a weekend, but still I got to spend my weekend here. I went to Athens to attend TBEX (read more here) and of course spent some time exploring the city. I’m not a city person and Athens didn’t really strike me, however my hike up to Mouseion Hill left me pretty speechless because of the stunning views over the city. It was a great way to spend my last couple of hours in Greece before returning home.


In a way, I’m happy that October is over because it was way too hectic for my taste. Can a person ever travel too much? Many people would say no, but I’ll honestly say yes. With all these new impressions and things I’ve seen, I’ve been unable to process it all. Sometimes, my mind was still in one place and around me so many other things were going on at the same time. My father, who is pretty old yet very wise, is telling me nowadays that his hard drive is full. Right now, I feel the same way. Unable to soak up anything new, first I need to give everything I’ve seen its own place. Its own story and its own feeling.

Next weekend I’ll be in Serbia as one of the speakers at the International Congress of the Students of Tourism and Hospitality, which I’m really looking forward to. After that, there’s no traveling for a while. One side of me is very restless, having no real travel plans, but the other side of me is happy to be home for a while. Now I can finally start processing all the stories that have been developing in my head. Give them a place, clean up my internal hard drive and find my passion for exploring new places again. Luckily, my wanderlust is never very far away…

Kasteel Gaasbeek in Belgium

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  • Karlijn Travels

    Ik kan me helemaal voorstellen dat je even toe bent aan wat rust! Super, al dat reizen, maar soms moet je gewoon even bijkomen en ‘resetten’. Dan is er daarna weer volop ruimte voor nieuwe reizen. Hopelijk gaat Tasmanie door!

  • Serena

    Well, about the concept of “travelling too much” I think it’s all about the rhythm, rather than the quantity.
    Like, for example, if you didn’t have to work in between these weekend trips, perhaps it would have been less hectic, because you could have found the time to process all the things you’ve seen and done.
    But of course this can’t be changed, and I’d say that you do well to take all the chances that you can.
    I feel you about not having any travel plans up next, same here, but like you I think I’ll take it as a chance to work more on all the stories I have to write about the trips of the past months. I still haven’t written a line about Scotland, shame on me 😀

    • anto

      You’re so right, I love the way you think! My planning just was a mess this year, I’ll pay better attention when saying yes to new ideas for next year. I’m looking forward to hearing all about your Scotland trip, Stefi posted some awesome pics on FB recently! xoxo

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