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Our trip to Norway – in a nutshell

Hello from Norway, the land of fjords, trolls and expensive coffee!While our adventure here is almost over and we just checked in for our flight back home tomorrow we thought it would be nice just to write a bit here. Normally we don’t really do these kind of posts as our blog is not a diary but since it’s raining (still) and we arrived back at our cottage a bit earlier than we planned, we’ll share our first impressions of Norway with you.

1. Norway is beautiful
Most of you who have been here won’t disagree, we’re sure of that. Over the past 6 days we’ve divided our time between two areas, the Nærøyfjord/Aurland area and the Stryn/Geiranger area. Besides the fjords we have experienced Norway’s “Grand Canyon”, seen glaciers and drove on mountain passes almost as impressive as those in Colorado. We are certainly not disappointed!

2. Norway is expensive
We’ve heard all around us that Norway is among the most expensive countries in the world and we have to agree. We brought a lot of food from home (and still only checked in 35 kilos, we just can’t understand how one single person can carry 23 kilos of luggage) and only bought fresh food here. Still, we manage to spend about 300 NOK (which is about 35 euros) on one evening meal and one breakfast in the supermarket. As we knew about this, we won’t complain and the beauty of the country definitely makes up for this but still … something to consider when going here!

3. Norwegians are incredibly friendly
Maybe it’s because they all speak English so well, but we really feel connected with the Norwegians. They are interested in where you are from and what you do, they are never hesitant to help you out and generally, they are very social drivers in the traffic. In fact, there’s nothing we can think of that we don’t like about them.

Tomorrow it will be time to leave again. We’re sure the goodbye is not forever though because there are so many great places to explore and hike around. Yesterday we met a German couple who were here for the 18th time and still hadn’t seen all they wanted.

Within 24 hours of touchdown in Amsterdam, Anto is off to Curaçao on her first official press trip ever (read here how she managed to get on) so it’s going to be quite hectic. Unlike our previous trips, we don’t have a whole lot of blogs ready to publish while on the road (blame Canada on that … ) but at least we got some great news, which is that We12travel reached #25 in the top 1.000+ travel blogs after entering the list only 2 weeks ago. This list is based on Twitter engagement and Klout score and even though it does not mean you are the best travel blogger in the world, we are still happy about this achievement. So don’t stop interacting with us on Twitter!

Til neste gang!


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  • Serena

    Yeah, Norway is awesome indeed!!
    Coming back and visiting more of its awesome nature is totally in my bucket list.
    But, yeah, it is also very expensive, unfortunately. That’s why we also made just a week there and couldn’t afford do more 🙁
    Congrats for the great great news!!! Go for it 🙂
    Ps. one person can check in with 23 kg if she has the suitcase full of paper bought at Michael’s *aehm* 😛 😉

    • anto

      Ah yes, that happened to me at Michaels, too 🙂 so yes, it’s possible, but I know of ppl who go to the beach for a week and still manage to over-pack. On this trip to Curaçao and Canada I had no more than 13 kilos, and that included my hiking boots. I had something new to wear each day and brought my books, too, so no idea how ppl actually do that haha.

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