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While looking back at the blog posts we wrote while traveling, I noticed that we only wrote very little bits about the most amazing places we saw. Why? Because there was much to see and tell! And in all honesty, also because we didn’t want to spend too much time behind our netbook while on the road. Now that we’re back I feel like there’s so much to left tell and to show you about the great places we have been, so that’s why I came up with an idea for future posts:


It’s an entry about a park we’ve been to. It can be any park, so not just a national park but a state park, state forest or provincial park. Maybe even a national monument or a local park. Just anything that I feel like writing about. Not only from those we’ve seen in the US (though these are still fresh in our memories and will be written about mostly I foresee) but those we’ve seen in New Zealand, Chile, Austria, Scotland, Iceland … any place we’ve been!

The first post will be about the park that made the biggest impression on me:


The post will be on later this week! Right now I’m off to napping in the sun, some chilled Sauvignon Blanc within reach, dreaming about the best 4 weeks of this year so far and browsing through some picture books about America’s National Parks we bought in one of the gift shops. Enjoy the beautiful weather and until soon!

picture: in front of the Lower Yellowstone Falls

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