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Mountainous Monday: Rjúpnafell

While Martijn guiding a tour in amazing Iceland, I was thinking of another mountain to select for our Mountainous Monday series. I recently made a list of mountains we are going to feature here and while browsing through it, I realized that I forgot my favorite Icelandic mountain. What needs to be said is that I have not seen more of Iceland than just the south coast and the inland between Landmannalaugar and Þórsmörk (Thórsmörk) so I only have a few to pick from. However the mountain that I’m going to tell you about today, has made a great impression on me.

Mount Rjúpnafell is located in the green valley of Þórsmörk and is 637 meters high. And that’s about all I can tell about it. When I tried to google it, nothing more than that came up. When I googled Rjúpnafell hiking, Google didn’t even recognize the name and made a weird suggestion about it. So why still share it here? For one, it’s a pretty mountain. Just look at the pictures and you will agree. It looks like the perfect fairytale mountain! Green, lonely and with an (almost) perfect cone. And lucky us, we got to see it 4 years in a row…

Rjúpnafell in 2009
Our first time in Þórsmörk and our first time seeing Rjúpnafell. We didn’t climb the mountain but we did see it from close by. We wanted to but I was recovering from a back injury and since we already walked a far bit that day, it didn’t feel right to climb it. So we didn’t…

Rjupnafell-2009 Rjupnafell-2009-2

Rjúpnafell in 2010
Martijn came back to Þórsmörk to hike the Laugavegur. And guess what, after the Eyjafjallajökull eruption earlier that year, the whole Þórsmörk valley was black, covered in a layer of ashes coming from the volcano. A sad, sad sight. One picture shows it all…

Rjúpnafell in 2011
Back in Þórsmörk together, this time we also did the Laugavegur together to practice for our hiking adventure in New Zealand later that year. Upon arrival in Þórsmörk I was once again amazed and excited to see my “magic mountain” again. Unfortunately, no time to climb it as the next day we planned on heading on to Skogar.

Rjupnafell-2011-3Rjupnafell-2011 Rjupnafell-2011-2

Rjúpnafell in 2012
And then the day finally came that Martijn climbed Rjúpnafell! And even on a clear and sunny day, the first one in 4 attempts. No need to say, the view from the top is stunning…
Rjupnafell collageRjupnafell-2012 view-from-mt-rjupnafell

And now? Well, Martijn will be there in about a week or two with his group. And I’m here at home, drooling over these pictures and aching to go back and finally climb the damn mountain. Next time I’m in Þórsmörk (yes, there will be a next time, I guarantee!) I will climb it and enjoy it and I can finally say I climbed the magic mountain…

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I also wrote a guest article about Þórsmörk for Bunch of Backpackers, you can find it here.

See you next Monday!


    • anto

      Heading back sounds like a good plan Meg! Let us know if you ever make it and we’ll gladly give you some tips for the best treks!

    • anto

      Thanks Marysia! Iceland seems so popular nowadays indeed. Hope you can make it next summer and since we have a travel guide here in the house, let us know if you ever need any travel advice!

  • Serena

    The fact that Google shows no information about it makes it even more charming to me 😀
    Hope you will have a chance to climb it pretty soon… and will look forward for your post about it then 🙂

    • anto

      I’m hoping next year, I just gotta talk M. into doing the ultra marathon at the Laugavegur … then I will hopefully get my chance haha

  • Lauren

    This is absolutely beautiful…like out of a movie or something unreal! It’s Iceland, of course! I want to go there so badly. I love your photos! I will have to add this place to the ongoing list 🙂

    • anto

      Thanks Lauren! You should definitely try Iceland, it’s just stunning. And not too far from the northern US! I used Icelandair a couple of times for flying to the USA and Canada and they provide great service!

  • Alli

    I have been reading so many posts about Iceland lately. It seems like it’s THE spot to visit. I’m dying to get there also. Your mountain photos are gorgeous and I would absolutely LOVE to do some of the hiking you do.

  • Chris Boothman

    Every time I see a post on Iceland it makes me want December to arrive even faster! Worst thing is that we are only going to be there for 3-4 days so we are going to have to do an awful lot of cramming to see everything we want to. Great collection of images, always thought that the Icelandic landscapes are some of the most stunning anywhere in the world.

  • Steve

    Great article and pictures! I’d noticed Rjupnafell on the map of Þórsmörk before we went out to Iceland recently, and wondered if it was possible to walk up it. Found this article, which confirmed that it indeed was. So we walked up it one day, then continued along the amazing ridge that runs west to east between Mofellsgill and the canyon of the Krossar river, before returning along the bed of the Krossar. A great day out! Hope you managed to climb it yourself…

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