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Mountainous Monday: Las Torres del Paine

Towering high out of the Patagonian steppe, Las Torres del Paine (“towers of Paine”) are the centerpiece of Chile’s most amazing national park. Located in the Cordillera del Paine, the 3 towers are visible from far away and the number one attraction in this part of Patagonia. From what we’ve been told, the Cordillera del Paine is a mountain group not officially attached to the Andes, which may explain the huge variety in shape and color. Las Torres are located in the eastern side of the park and when approaching from El Calafate in Argentina, they are visible from a far distance.

The gigantic monoliths are made of granite and  are approximately 2.250 – 2.500 meters high. They can be admired from various parts of the park. The best views are from Laguna Azul, however they are also party visible from the grounds around Hosteria las Torres. If you really want to get up close, you can make the trekking to the base of the towers, a tough yet rewarding 8 hour return track from the hosteria.

Unfortunately, after two visits, we never saw them entirely out of the clouds. Weather is very impetuous down here in Patagonia and be prepared to be disappointed when Las Torres won’t expose themselves to you in their full glory.

Partial-view-Torres-del-Paine Last-Torres-del-Paine-collage-2 Last-Torres-del-Paine-collage-1 Last-Torres-and-Salto-Grande Las-Torres-del-Paine Condor-and-Las-Torres-del-Paine Base-of-Las-Torres-del-Paine

If you ever make it this far down south to Patagonia, make sure to pay a visit to Torres del Paine and its magnificent mountain peaks. You won’t regret it, we guarantee!

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