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Mountainous Monday: Ben Nevis

Today another Mountainous Monday! This time the mountain on our list is the highest mountain in Great Britain, Ben Nevis. This ancient volcano lies in the middle of Scotland and is located about 100 miles or 160 km north of Glasgow. With an altitude of 1.344 meters above sea level, the summit of Ben Nevis is a perfect way to get a good view of the Scottish highlands. For this effort you will have to do with a bit of a crowd, because about 100,000 people attempt to climb the mountain every year.

Ben Nevis is also the highest Munro of Scotland. A Munro top is a summit which is over 3,000 feet. “Munro Bagging” is very popular in Scotland and a good way to enjoy the outdoors.

Note that climbing Ben Nevis is not a Sunday stroll in the park. When we climbed it, it was mid-May and there was still a huge pack of snow on the biggest part of the trail. People die each year attempting to reach the top so know what you are doing…



Did you know that one of the peaks in the mountain range The Remarkables in Queenstown, New Zealand is also called Ben Nevis?



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