Visiting the Moselle in the fall – Germany at its best!

Last weekend I spent in the Moselle area in Germany, a short three hour drive from Arnhem where I live. The Moselle is the area where they make the best Rieslings, where they have the steepest vineyard in Europe and where there are countless hiking opportunities. They have delicious food, challenging Klettersteigs and über friendly locals. But the most impressive was the coloring of the leaves. This is why you should be in the Moselle in the fall!

The Moselle in the fall

Where it did not really want to get going in the Netherlands last weekend, it was already coloring well down in the Moselle region. When I looked down from the vantage points on the mountain, the landscape looked like a brightly colored carpet in every shade of orange, red and yellow. For me, autumn is my favorite time of the year for hiking. The colorful landscape makes everything just that little bit more special.

Hiking on the Moselsteig

During the weekend I made a beautiful hike on the Moselsteig, a long distance hike in the Moselle area. I moved from start to finish by train, making it a perfect trip. Along the way you can regularly choose a simple section or a more challenging section (for example a simple via ferrata) and the views are beautiful time and time again.

The Calmont Via Ferrata

The highlight of the weekend was the Calmont Klettersteig. This simple via ferrata lets you get acquainted with the alpine feeling in Germany without technical materials. Wondering if you are suitable to do a via ferrata in the Alps? Then go practice here!

Spend the night in the Moselle

The Moselle is of course full of nice places to stay. I spent the night in Ediger Eller at Hotel St. Georg, a nice hotel in typical German style. Prefer an appartment? Then Landal Mont Royal is a great option. From here you can also make excellent walks on the Moselsteig.

And finally

Finally, I inspire you with some images. Just to show you how beautiful the Moselle is in the fall. Words do little justice in this case, the pictures once more.















Conclusion and disclaimer

I made this trip at the invitation of Moselland Turistik. All opinions expressed are, of course, my own. This article contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase via such a link, we may receive a modest commission at no extra cost for you.


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