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Mission 4000: a new series about climbing

We12travel is coming up with a new series about hiking and/or climbing. But not just normal climbing, it focusses on 4.000+ meter high Alps. They are also called “four-thousanders”.

A 4.000’er is a summit in the Alps with an altitude of at least 4.000 meters above sea level . At the moment there are 82 summits in Western Europe with that altitude. The highest of them is Mont Blanc in France, however the most of them are located in Switzerland (48) and Italy (38).

You can find the list of all the Alpine 4.000’ers here.

Location of all the '4000 above' peaks in the Alps.
Location of all the ‘4000 above’ peaks in the Alps. (the red dots)

4.000 is just a number. Elsewhere in the world there are higher summits and they are probably even easier to reach. In certain countries you can even drive up to 4.000 metres without any trouble. Doing 4.000’ers is a way of life. Apart from the list of the Alpine 4.000’ers there are various other famous lists of mountain tops such as the Munros and the Fourteeners.

A very famous peak bagging list is that of Munros in Scotland. A Munro is a summit over 3.000 feet or 914, 4 meters. Many hill walkers and climbers try to bag (to reach the summit) all of the Munros in Scotland. The Munro is named after Sir Hugo Munro, who made the list in the nineteenth century. There are 284 Munros in Scotland.

On top of Ben Lomond a  real Scottish Munro.
On top of Ben Lomond, a real Scottish Munro.

In Colorado they have a list of fourteeners, which is a mountain that exceeds 14.000 feet (4.270 meters high) in altitude. Within Colorado there are 53 fourteeners.


Maroon Bells near Aspen Colorado, some of the hardest to climb fourteeners.
Maroon Bells near Aspen Colorado, some of the hardest to climb fourteeners.

Climb them all?
This series is not a about climbing all the Alpine 4.000’ers, but will be about the challenge to reach the top. I will tell you the effort it took and the amazing feeling you get once you made it to the summit.

Soon we´re kicking off with the story of my first 4.000´er: Mont Blanc in France, the highest of them all. Keep an eye out during the upcoming weeks!

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  • Raphael Alexander Zoren

    I’ll be honest and admit that I haven’t been in a trek that involved more than 4 hours. Hopefully I’ll change that in the future! Climbing the Alpine Mountains sounds like a very awesome adventure indeed! 😀

    • anto

      Let us know if you make it to Holland so we can take you out on your first 4+ hour trek ever! It’s a really flat country so not that hard really!

  • Meg @ Mapping Megan

    Wow congrats guys – this is huge! We trekked Kilimanjaro so I know just how difficult getting above 4,000m is!! Best of luck in all of your endeavours – I cant wait to read about your climbs!

    • anto

      Wow – jealous of your Kilimanjaro adventure, would love to do that one day… we’ll keep on dreaming and adding things to our wishlist!

  • Chris Boothman

    Congratulations and good luck with Mont Blanc! That’s a pretty steep one to start off with but I am sure once you have conquered that, there will be many more to follow. I am particularly envious of folks that take the time to hike/climb to the summit of some of the world’s leading mountains because the views over the surrounding landscape must be stunningly beautiful.

    Good luck with your future endeavors of the Alpine 4,000ers.

    • anto

      Thanks Chris, I’ll make sure M. reads this when he’s home again from his Icelandic adventure. Ever since I finished reading Into Thin Air I felt totally amazed by the people who give their lives to reach a summit. It’s a great passion …

  • Alli

    Oooo! Nice idea for a post! 53 fourteeners in Colorado you say? Wow. I’d love to take our back country treks up a notch and do more mountainous hikes like you guys!

    • anto

      That’s what Google told us 😉 we wanted to do at least one but there was too much snow still… so a good reason to come back to Colorado once!

  • Serena

    Wow this is challenging!
    Looking forward to read about your hike on Monte Bianco: it’s not far from me and to me it’s really a “top” mountain!!

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