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We12travel & micro adventures: an introduction

It has already been four weeks since I headed home to The Netherlands from Christchurch, New Zealand. After the Airbus A380 of Emirates landed on the Polderbaan in Amsterdam, my mega-adventure had come to an end. A nine month adventure that took me all across the world. To wild land Alaska, the silence of Sweden, the peaks of the Himalaya and the fjords in New Zealand. It was an adventure where I dragged myself onto volcanoes, swung through the jungle and solo hiked in the American Pacific Northwest.
After traveling all across the planet over the past months, it’s about time to take a break and reset the brain and mind. It’s time to learn to enjoy the little moments in life again. Grabbing a drink with my girlfriends, hiking around in The Veluwe with my love, starting an inspiring job as a freelance writer or just reading a book in my hammock. Even though I’m extremely happy where I am right now (a small cabin in the woods just north of my hometown) the adventure keeps on calling me. In my head there are lists of places I still want to travel to, of treks I want to hike and mountains I want to climb. Of roadtrips I still wish to make and oceans I want to cross.
Unfortunately, all those adventures will have to wait because I should really get some work done. Work as in writing down my stories and inspiring you guys to get outdoors more often, but also work that needs to bring in the funds for new adventures. And so there are no true mega-adventures coming up anytime soon. Luckily I’m generally quite a happy person who doesn’t need a lot and so I can’t wait for the months to come, when I’ll head out on the smaller adventures in life, the so-called micro-adventures. The adventures closer to home, the adventures that give you the feeling that you are still alive and the adventures just around your corner which you didn’t know that existed.
Straight after coming home from New Zealand, my boyfriend and I decided not to become one of those couples that spend all evenings and weekends netflixing and getting lost in a maze of the lazy life. Instead we decided to head out on micro adventures as often as we can, to enjoy beautiful places close to home. To pack our bags on Friday afternoon and go where we want to be, rather than going where we are supposed to be. To just get outside, hike and be crazy. Do things that make life just a little more fun, things that will make you leave your comfort zone and things that you may never have done a few years ago.
The micro adventures concept has been founded by Alastair Humphreys. He searched for adventures closer to home, cheaper that usual and inpiring people to look at the world a different way. More information about micro adventures can be found on his website.
The first micro-adventures have already taken place, both within and just outside The Netherlands where I am based. The first micro-adventure blog will be online shortly. Even though the adventures are easy to find, I’m curious to hear if you have any adventures to share with me that I can do within reasonable driving distance of The Netherlands. Feel free to send me a message of leave a comment below and maybe your adventure will be featured on We12travel!
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