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Micro adventure in Germany: 5 adventurous things to do

If you have been following me for a while, you now know that I’m a huge Germany fan! I visit Germany at least 4/5 times a year for a short vacation and keep going to a new region every single time. Germany is perfect for hiking, but there are also plenty of other fun and adventurous things to do. In this blog I have collected five cool micro adventures that you can do in Germany. Have fun reading and inspiring in this article about micro adventure in Germany!

The Geierlay swingbridge

As far as I am concerned, the Geierlay Suspension Bridge is the best example of a micro adventure. You can find this swing bridge about 3 hours drive from the border with The Netherlands and I have been there three times. This is the second longest suspension bridge in Germany, the longest is the Titan RT in the Harz, which I liked a lot less. The Geierlay suspension bridge is located in the German Saarland near the village of Mörsdorf.
Also check the video I made the last time I was there, I was all alone then and it is certainly not impossible to avoid the crowds. In the video and in the accompanying article I will tell you how I did that!


Climbing the Langenberg in Sauerland

The Langenberg is the highest mountain in Sauerland and also the highest mountain in North Rhine-Westphalia, the state that largely borders the Netherlands. This mountain measures over 843 meters and although it is not a real top, you will find a large wooden cross on top of the mountain. You can start the walk there from several places and the route is easy to determine yourself with a handy hiking map of Sauerland, namely that of the Rothaarsteig. You can read more about this micro-adventure in Germany in this article.


The Calmont Klettersteig

A few years ago I made a short trip to the Moselle region in Germany. I was a little convinced that this would be an area for the elderly (boat on the Moselle), but I came back very enthusiastic. I did the Calmont Klettersteig here, a three kilometer ferrata trail on the Calmont, the steepest vineyard in Europe. I also walked a section of the Moselsteig. Although alpinists probably don’t like it that much, it’s a fun way to test your alpine skills and find out if a Via Ferrata in the Alps might be right for you. Extra handy: you don’t need any material for this simple Via ferrata!
Calmont klettersteig

The MegaZipline in the Harz Mountains

For those who are not afraid of heights, the MegaZipline in the Harz is a must! How nervous I was when I was up there, but WAS IT FUN! The zipline is over a kilometer long and the flight takes about a minute. A ticket for the Zipline costs € 39 and you will be brought back by car to the starting point of the zipline. Of course you can also walk, if your legs can handle it after that enormous adrenaline rush of course. Read the full blog about the Mega Zipline here.
Mega Zipline Harz

Mountainbiking to the Celtic ringwall

Did you know that there is a huge Celtic ring wall in the German Pfalz region? And that it is super cool to go mountain biking here? I did this during my visit to the Pfalz and went on an off the beaten track tour with a guide. You cannot go on the ring wall itself by bike, but you walk on it. From the ring wall you also have a beautiful view of the surrounding area. Highly recommended for the sports enthusiasts among us!
Micro avontuur in Duitsland micro adventure in germany

Conclusion and disclaimer

Hopefully you liked this article and I inspired you to visit Germany more often. If you have any other tips for me, be sure to leave them in the comments! This article contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase via such a link, we may receive a modest commission for you at no extra cost.


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