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Losing your heart to the Harz – a movie

It already seems ages ago … and yet it was just a couple of weeks. When describing our trip to Germany’s Harz region to a fellow travel blogger shortly after, the first thing I mentioned is “you know what, our car broke down”. By now, we already forgot the car broke down and we had to stay longer than planned (not one minute too long though!). When posting my first picture on Facebook, my boss left a comment: “lose your Herz (heart) to the Harz” … which is exactly what we did. How come? Here’s why:


– The silence …

On the trails that we hiked, there were almost no other people. Only when coming close to Brocken or a town, we would occasionally run into other hikers. Other than that, it was usually just us on the trails. And a bunch of whistling birds … very peaceful!

– The nature …

What can I say, the Harz is beautiful. With its many artificial lakes and ancient canals that were used for mining, the landscape offers plenty of variety to not be bored for one single second when hiking. There are mountains, valleys, deep woods, carved out lakes and even marshes that are great for exploring.


– The food …

When you’ve been outside all day, a good meal will definitely be very welcome when back at your hotel. From typical German style sausages to tasty pies and other sweet treats, you will not be disappointed by the local kitchen.


– The people …

The people in the Harz are among the friendliest Germans we’ve met. Maybe because most of them were hikers or maybe it’s because they are proud of the region where they are from (they have every right to be). The locals from the Harz were always friendly, interested and very welcoming. “Glück Auf” is what we wished them …


We have made a short movie about our trip. Just to give you a quick impression. And to hopefully convince you to go to the Harz yourself. I’m sure that you will love it and like us, lose your heart to the Harz. Just see why for yourself:


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