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Lonely Planet’s “Dream Trips”

We12travel version 3.1 has gone online last night and we’re really happy about it! It’s been quite a lot of work (again) but this time, I’m finally able to be happy with what we have achieved and I’m sure we’re gonna stick to this new style for a while. At least a year I’d say …  Our new business cards got delivered the other day as well so it’s been a good start of the year.

In 2014 I’d like to write some more personal posts, so not just informative blogs about where to go and what to see, but also about what drives me to travel, what makes me happy and why we travel.

From now on I’m going to call this “Travel Things That Make Me Happy” (or TTTMMH). Small things in life that have something to do with travel in any kind of way.

Besides publishing our new site yesterday, another thing that made me really happy was receiving the Lonely Planet Traveller “Droom Trips” (Dream Trips) 2013″  magazine in the mail. I won this at Explorista’s blog after signing up for her newsletter. So big shout out of THANKS! for making it possible to win this. I received it wrapped and with a personal note from Sara at Pijpermedia which made it even more special.


I actually asked this beautiful magazine for my birthday but I didn’t get it. Instead I got a North Face duffel XS (wanted that for soooo long already, it will be perfect for hand luggage on flights from now on) and a new inflatable sleeping mattress for our camping trips so I won’t complain.  I haven’t had time to have a thorough look through the magazine yet but I saw that New Zealand is in it. I will definitely love it!

What is your dream trip for 2014? Patagonia will be mine, only a couple more weeks until we’re there! New Zealand will also remain on my dream trip list, no matter how far away it is…

Abel Tasman NP 030

Off to bed now, sweet dreams everyone!


  • Explorista

    Ik heb duizend droomtrips haha! Dit jaar gaat de reis waarschijnlijk naar de Westkust van de USA. Al eens eerder geweest toen ik twaalf was, maar nu ga ik terug met Meneer (die er nog nooit geweest is). 🙂

    En you’re welcome! Geniet van je tijdschrift!

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