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Live from Melbourne – bye Tasmania!

Sometimes there’s trips you wish that will never end. Sometimes there’s trips where you can’t help but feel somewhat relieved to go home when you’re coming towards the end. Tasmania was one of those. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed this vacation and although it definitely belongs in my top-5 of best trips ever, the time has come to head home. While driving down to Hobart Airport this morning, we discussed our trip, like an evaluation of what we did and saw. If it was a trip that met our expectations? Mostly yes. If we made the most out of it? More than that! If we’d ever return here? Then there was the awkward silence and neither of us knew the right answer to that. “Maybe if we are ever around this part of the world again, but probably not for another four weeks” was eventually my answer, which we both agreed to.
Tasmania is overwhelming. It’s very Australian and at the same time it’s not. It’s rugged yet very civilized and controlled at the same time. The Tasmanians are incredibly friendly, the great outdoors is just around the corner wherever you are and Tasmania is definitely a destination that should be on your bucketlist, in case it’s not on there yet.
Traveling in Tasmania was also a challenge. One day it would be 30 degrees and I spent the day in bed with heatstroke (meh) and the next day we found ourselves camping at 1.000 meters above sea level where it was freezing during the night. There are venomous snakes all over that won’t hesitate to bite if you happen to accidentally step onto their grounds or worse, on them. Food is expensive so whether you are in the supermarket or going out for dinner, the bill the size of a small fortune is yours to pay. Each night we slept in a different place and pitching up and/or breaking off your tent each day again can sometimes be not something you feel like doing again especially when it’s raining. Luckily we don’t mind a challenge!
Wifi was almost nowhere to be found and when it was around, it wouldn’t work. My 3G simcard was a precious investment but the blog received little attention over the past weeks. No time nor energy to spend a whole evening writing and waiting for a couple of pictures to upload, when all you want is to go to bed. I didn’t feel like writing and sharing everything. I wrote a lot of posts from home and meant to publish them from here but somehow I didn’t do it. I didn’t open my laptop in 10 days because it felt wrong. During our roadtrip, we travelled to some of the most remote places in Tasmania and we camped in the wilderness, all by ourselves. Here I found myself happy just because yet another kangaroo would be bouncing in front of our tent, here I could easily spend an hour observing mama and her joey, even after 4 weeks in Tasmania.
While I’m writing this, we’re at Melbourne Airport, waiting for the flight to Singapore. That flight I will try to stay awake, on the one to Amsterdam I’ll try to catch some sleep, so that hopefully the jetlag won’t be too bad. Although I’m a traveller by soul and by heart, I’ll be glad to be back home this time. Home, where I can sleep in my own precious bed. Where I can make fresh smoothies and soups, instead of pasta from a bag or crackers with peanut butter. Home, where I have wifi and where I can catch up with friends and family. Where I can take showers without feeling guilty using the water and where I take my gym classes (I’m one of the few on this planet who actually enjoys a good work-out).
Tasmania was amazing and made me realize what incredible lucky person I am, to have traveled from the Himalayas to here in less than 3 months. Once I’m home, people will ask me what the next overseas (long distance) trip will be but in all honesty, I have no idea. And that’s OK. To discover beautiful places, there’s no need to go to the other side of the world. I look forward to exploring Europe with my friends, to drive to Brussels on Wednesday to see Muse and to catch up with my friend Marieke who has been backpacking through Latin America for 3 months and will be home soon, too.
Blogs about Tasmania are in the making, I promise. This beautiful location deserves much more attention than she gets. In 4 weeks time, we just came across fellow Dutchies twice. As for the rest of them, it was mostly Ozzies (and Asians) which indicates how special and unique Tasmania really is…
Have you ever felt like going home was the right thing, even if the trip was awesome?
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  • Mariaabroad

    Tasmania sounds like a wonderful place to visit, but the snakes would be a huge turnoff for me. Did you see them a lot? I think I would freak out. Deadly animals are my little travel phobia, even if the chances of getting bit are minuscule.

    • anto

      Yeah, the snakes were a challenge. We didn’t see many but sometimes it would be somewhat exhausting (mentally) to keep your eyes on the track at all times, to avoid stepping on one …

  • Mar Pages

    Oh man, I’m sorry about your heatstroke! Camping in the wilderness without an Internet connection sounds really refreshing, we all need an online break once in a while. 🙂

  • Julie

    I think it’s totally fine/normal/expected to leave a challenging place with relief, sadness, and excitement to get home. It doesn’t reflect at all your feelings about where you were or your thoughts about it. Sometimes, it’s just nice to come home, sleep in your own bed and make smoothies 🙂

  • Holly

    Tasmania sounds like an interesting place. The lack of wifi is blah, but at least it gave you some time to enjoy more and work a bit less, although now you will have to make it all up.

  • mark

    Yes definitely i think its sometime’s the daily grind of traveling. Sure u are visiting and experiencing great things but in the flip side you are living from a suitcase, not sleeping in your own etc. All this can wear you down strange to say home can sometimes energize the batteries within

  • Natalie Deduck

    Congrats for being honest!
    Most of travellers don´t like to admit they need a “vacation” from travelling… Till now, 2 year full time travelling, I didn’t have the urge to go back home, but I felt the need to stop for a while, to have a home base for 3 months, to be able to unpack, buy a nice bottle of shampoo and get back to running training [ like you, I love to work out 🙂 ]
    Enjoy home, have a rest and enjoy family, be ready for the next adventure!

  • Aileen Adalid

    I’ve never been to Australia but I’m definitely looking forward to going to that part of the world. Nevertheless, as a fellow traveler — I know what you mean! Back in 2013, I got tired of all the moving so I decided to set up a home base. Traveling has become better and more manageable for me ever since!

    • anto

      Yeah, I honestly, despite this blog, still believe long term traveling is not for me, I need a home base to return to with my stuff such as my clothes, my bed, my books …

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