Leaving London

At our second day in London (read all about the first day here) we woke up and the sun was shining! We bought the breakfast buffet at the hotel and made our way outside, first stopping again at… Primark! It had been too busy the previous day to try on the clothes that I bought (I just pulled the knitted cardigan over my head and tried on the t-shirt on top of my tanktop, I’ve learned from past experiences that in general this is quite a reliable way for me to determine if something will fit or not) and when trying some sports clothes I found out one of the tops was too large. Good reason to go back and buy another shitload of stuff. OK, wel not THAT much, I ended up “just” buying a cardigan, 2 t-shirts, 1 tote bag, 1 tanktop and 2 sport tops. Oh and mittens and a woolen hat. And a handbag…


From there, Raquel took us all over town to the most awesome craftshops, such as Paperchase (yesterday I found out that we now have one in Arnhem too) and Artbox. Around midday we went  over to Camden Town for lunch and we met up with Melissa and her friends, the whole group was together again. It was my first time in Camden Town and I had heard really good stories about it. I’m sure it’s lovely but it was too busy for my taste. Maybe I should’ve stayed longer but time didn’t allow us. At least we had coffee and lunch at the most lovely café (I forgot the name though) and then went to the Tower Bridge. You just can’t say you’ve been to London without seeing the Tower Bridge and the London Tower.

P1000082 P1000089 P1000076

Seeing this last picture really makes me wonder what the hell a “bang bang chicken” is. I didn’t really pay attention when taking this shot but it leaves me wondering now. Probably I just don’t want to know.

Anyway, tt was sunny and warm, I was even wearing a summer jacket instead of the down jacket I had been wearing the day before (and was totally ready to wear as I already bought it in Colorado last summer when it was uhm, about 40 degrees). We said goodbye to everyone except for Melissa and Karen who were coming along and we enjoyed taking pictures at the bridge, strolling around for a bit and then it was time to say goodbye… But not without taking some more pictures.


By then we needed to head back to the airport. We had some difficulties buying a trainticket (I still have NO clue how we got a 9 pound ticket on the way in and had a 14 pound one on the way out – same service – same train, according to the guy we asked, the machine should never have sold us a 9 pound ticket). When we got to Gatwick we grabbed a quick bite at one of the pubs and headed home. Unfortunately our flight was about 1.5 hrs delayed and I arrived home way after midnight. I had herds of teenage girls keeping me company in the train as (apparently) the Bruno Mars concert just ended.

So yes, that was our trip to London in about 40 hrs. I can understand why people love London, but it will never be my favorite city. I found the buildings too dark and the amount of tourists way too much for my taste. Camded Town was super crowded and in all honestly, I’ve seen way prettier palaces than Buckingham. However, I might visit someday again. Who knows… At least I hope to see you in Los Angeles next year Melissa and Karen!
And thanks Nina for being such a great travel companion. I’ll see you soon!




  • petra

    how great you girls met in london! we should think about a swappers meeting in the UK, i haven’t been there since like forever – and wouls love sooo much to go 🙂 WHITBY! wanna see whitby! yay!

    • Serena

      As Petra said, a Swappers Meeting in UK would be awesome 😀
      Well, no wonder I’m saying that, ah ah!
      Oh, and Whitby is lovely! The ruins of the abbey on the promontory are enchanting… even if I had a major hay fever attack there *ooops*

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