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Get outdoors with Kari Traa gear

Get outdoors with Kari Traa gear

A while ago I was on a blogevent where I got in touch with Norwegian brand Kari Traa. At first I thought they only had sports gear but as it turned out, they also have amazing outdoor gear. Clothes that made me enthusiastic straight away when I saw them. And trust me, that doesn’t happen very often.
On my Dutch blog I once wrote about how ugly and unflattering some outdoor clothes can be. About how colorless it is and about why there are so little brands trying to make outdoor outfits that are somewhat nice looking. And that I’ve been wearing the same outdoor gear for years because there’s little gear that fits me well enough to make me feel feminine at all. Even when getting outdoors, I kind of have the urge to try and look okay or at least, not like a slob. I always put on mascara and try to wear decent gear because how else am I supposed to give outdoors a better image among younger people?
And then I ran into Kari Traa. I visited their office in the west of Holland and was amazed by the collection straight away. Their gear is simply amazing. It turned out they have so much more to offer than just sports gear. Not much later I went home with a full bag of outdoor clothes and I was so excited, that I called home straight away, saying ‘I have just found it, the most amazing outdoor gear for women!’. The months to follow were all about testing the Kari Traa gear I got.

So, who is Kari Traa?

I can’t blame you for not having heard of Kari Traa before, because neither had I. Kari Traa is a Norwegian freestyle skier who won an olympic medal three times in a row. After she ended her career as a professional skier, she launched her own sports gear brand named Kari Traa in the year 2002. She has won multiple awards for her gear. As I sat around the table with the team, they told me that ‘Kari Traa is the Johan Cruijff of Norway. Her gear is as popular as for example The North Face. When you land in Oslo Airport you can see posters and her gear all around’. I recently happened to be at Oslo Airport (sounds casual, doesn’t it?) and indeed I saw her colorful collection. And … women wearing Kari Traa gear. So cool!
kari traa noorwegen
So that’s Kari Traa. She an female entrepreneur with balls, if I dare say so. Her slogan is ‘For Nuns and Knockouts’ and I love it! The past couple of months were all about testing her gear. As I recently wrote in a blog, the most important thing when heading into the outdoors, is a proper base layer. Whether it’s warm or cold, my base layer always is made of merino wool. This fabric has the ability for very good moisture wicking, which is very important to me because I usually carry a large pack when in the outdoors. The last thing I want is to have a wet and sweaty back. One of the biggest mistakes many newbie outdoor adventurers make is that they wear cotton gear. Sure, that trendy H&M shirt looks super cute but it’s generally not made for the outdoors. Kari Traa combines looking good with being suitable for the outdoors. Unless it’s extremely warm, which I don’t really experience a lot as I generally tend to travel to colder destinations, I wear merino wool as my base layer.
Kari Traa has all kinds of colorful shirts in fancy prints. Her gear is made of merino wool and they will definitely keep you warm and comfortable during your trips in the outdoors. I’m super enthusiastic about her gear and even though many sites call it underwear, I also just wear it on a regular base as my normal wear. Even when I’m at the office, because it’s nice and warm plus colorful. A super combo, if you ask me!
kair traa
Besides the shirts I also tried some other gear, such as the Siri Jacket, leggings to hike in, a really cool hat, real striped underpants and a fleece sweater. Plus super warm socks! They were all warm, comfortable and they fitted me well. I have a tiny waist and wide hips so it’s always hard to find something that fits, but since these clothes are made for ladies only, they know how to shape it. I felt happy and feminine wearing her gear.
Another important thing is that the Kari Traa gear did not have bad smells. My choice for merino wool in the outdoors is also because it’s anti-stink. It’s said that merino woolen gear can last up to a month without becoming smelly. As for myself, I’ve not tried this particular gear this long without washing it yet, but my other merino wool items have gone through such a process and it’s amazing but true, it doesn’t smell. So it’ll be perfect to take with me on my Pacific Crest Trail adventure.
kari traa legging
And then there was the moment I ended up in Sweden. I made a winter trip in Värmland and one afternoon we stopped at a local shopping mall where they also had an outlet. As I can never resist checking outlets for deals, I nearly flipped when I saw they also had a whole department with Kari Traa gear. I did not really need new gear but then again, you don’t really NEED something in order to buy it, right? Then I realized my dad usually gives me 50 euros for my birthday (which I celebrated in Sweden they day before) and so I decided to spend that money on buying another shirt and some socks. Thanks dad! Our tourleader got very enthusiastic when she saw my gear and recently I received a message on Whatsapp, saying that she spent the money that she got as a trip from our group, on buying Kari Traa gear. So cool!
It’s obvious that I’m really enthusiastic about Kari Traa and her gear. You know me, when I don’t like something I will tell you. In this case, I can’t really think of anything negative to say. OK, maybe it’s not as cheap as something you may get elsewhere but good outdoor gear is an investment, the clothes will last for years, trust me on that. And I love that hat. Just LOVE it!
kari traa gear
Curious about her gear? Go to their website to see the entire collection. If you order something through this website though, I will earn a small commission, which will help me keeping this site up and running. I’ll be super thanksful!
The gear I’m wearing in the pictures was given to my by Kari Traa to test and review. That’s how it works. However, given the fact that I actually bought some additional gear from my own money, shows how truly enthusiastic I am about it. I hope that once you decided to buy something, you will enjoy it as much as I do. Here’s to looking shiny and colorful in the outdoors!
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