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Welcome to the We12travel hiking month!

Hello June and hello reader! Today we are kicking off with our hiking month on We12travel. Over the upcoming 30 days we’ll tell you all about our favorite hikes on the planet, we will tell you about how to prepare for multi-day hikes and we’ll review outdoor gear. On our social media channels we will overload you with a ton of hiking inspiration as well. Anto will share her favorite hiking pics on Instagram and on Facebook we’ll share the best hiking stories. Not just those of our own but also yours! If you have a nice story about hiking which you think would be nice for our readers to hear about, drop us a line at info @ we12travel . com and maybe we’ll share your post with 5.000+ followers on Facebook!
By the end of the month we’ll be exploring Iceland on foot. We’ve been there plenty of times before but Iceland keeps calling us. Martijn’s planeticket was paid for so we only had to buy my flight, which made it an easy decision. We are uncertain of where we’re going to hike since it depends on the weather and the presence of snow but we’ll keep you posted!
By the way, did you know we also had a hiking month in May of last year? Some of the articles we published back then, turned out to become some of the best read on our site ever! So here are our best hiking posts so far, in case you can’t wait until our first blog goes live tomorrow.
The best destinations in Europe for experienced hikers
The best destinations worldwide for newbie hikers
The best hikes in the USA & Canada
The best hikes in New Zealand
You can always click on We12hike so you can read all of our hiking stories.
For now we’d really like it if you could share the hiking madness and share the news of our hiking month on your social media channels.
Cheers and see you soon!

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