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Hiking in Iceland – all you want to know!

All you want to know about outdoor activities and hiking in Iceland

Iceland is an amazing place to get outdoors and go hiking. There are hiking trails everywhere and you will encounter nature like nowhere else in the world. We are lucky that Iceland is just a three hour flight away from Amsterdam and that we can easily fly there for a couple of days. Each summer, we try to go hiking in Iceland and in the past, Martijn even guided hiking tours in Iceland. Here are our suggestions for where to go hiking in Iceland and other useful tips and tricks for your trip!

Hiking the Laugavegur

The Laugavegur is Iceland’s best multi-day hike. It’s a very popular trek and maybe not very original, but it’s incredibly scenic and that’s why we love it so much. Martijn hiked it four times, I just once. The crowds? I will leave them behind. The cold? You can dress up for that. The experience? One to never forget! The best part of the hike? Hmm, difficult question but most likely the ryolite mountains around Landmannalaugar. Or maybe the Eyjafjallajökull volcano near Thórsmörk? I can’t pick just one part, but I can guarantee that it’s special. Read all about hiking the Laugavegur here. In case you have any questions about it, feel free to get in touch, I already helped out many hikers over the past weeks, especially since I was in Landmannalaugar a couple of weeks ago as well.
hiking in iceland hiking the laugavegur

Other blogs about hiking in Iceland

I just came back from yet another trip in Iceland and already wrote two blogs about it. They have the most updated information you could possible ask for, as things tend to change quickly in Iceland these days, because so many tourists are there. Here they are:
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Another great place for hiking in Iceland is Reykjadalur. Here, you can walk for hours and not see a lot of people, camp in the wild or even bathe in a hot stream. Curious? Read our full post about hiking in Reykjadalur for more information.
Want to climb some mountains while hiking in Iceland? Then you will enjoy these:
climbing Mt Rjúpnafell near Thórsmörk
Climbinng Mt. Vindbelgjarfjall near Myvatn
If you want to go glacier hiking, you can either do this from Skaftafell or on the Sólheimajökull on the South Coast. We have hiked on the latter one various times, here is our blog about it.
hiking in iceland

Other posts that are not about hiking

Obviously hiking in Iceland is not a must on your trip, yet it will take you to places not many other people go. Here are some more posts that you can read while preparing for your Iceland trip:
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5 Reasons why not to go to The Blue Lagoon
Beautiful Iceland in pictures
Thank you for stopping by and checking out our page about hiking in Iceland. We hope you found what you were looking for. If not, feel free to get in touch and we’ll try our best to answer your questions.
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