Stripsenjochhutte hike to Stripsenjochhaus in Austria

Hike to Stripsenjochhaus in the Austrian Kaisertal

In this article I’m sharing part two of our mini trek through the Kaisertal in Austria. In part 1 of this adventure I told you about the hike from Kufstein to the Anton Karghaus and how I saw the sun turning the rock formations of the Kaisertal orange at the end of the day. In part two I’ll tell you about the hike to Stripsenjochhaus and back to civilization.

Breakfast in Anton Karghaus

After a good breakfast at the Anton Karghaus it is time to pack our backpacks and strap them on again. Today a long hike is planned via the Höhenweg back to Kufstein. According to the weather forecast, it promises to be a very hot day today, so we will consider how long we want to walk later on.
Immediately after our departure from the Anton Karghaus the trail goes up steeply, almost vertical. I’m just like a diesel and always need plenty of time to start up. In search of breath I climb up after Harry, who moves up through the shady forest without any problems. After an hour of climbing and 400 meters of altitude gain, we arrive at the tree line. After another 200 meters ascent we are on the Feldalmsattel.

Omhoog door het Kaisertal
Up to the Feldalsattel

From the Feldalmsattel to Stripsenjochhaus

It is incredibly warm today and very humid, too. Harry suggests that we can do two things: hike via the Höhenweg back to Kufstein, but then we’ll have to walk in full sun all day. Or we can hike to Stripsenjochhaus, grab a quick bite here and descend via the easy way back to Kufstein. We choose the second option, partly due to the humidity.
Between the cows we head onwards to Stripsenjochhaus. This is a popular spot for climbers who want to climb famous peaks like Elmauer Halt and Goinger Halt. We pass a practice area for climbers and notice that it gets busier on the trails once near Stripsenjochhaus. It’s a weekend and the local are also heading out.

De Feldalmsattel
The Feldalmsattel
De Feldalmsattel
Cows on the Alm

On the terrace of Stripsenjochhaus

We take a seat on the outdoor terrace of Stripsenjochhaus. Despite the clouds that cover the mountain peaks, it is warm enough to sit outside without a jacket. I order an Apfelstrudel and an Apfelschörle and am surrounded by super high rock formations. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to descend on the other side, to the famous Wilder Kaiser.
Today, unfortunately, we have no time for that, we are going back to Kufstein. The trail from Stripsenjochhaus is quite steep down the first hour, then it becomes a gradually descending gravel path. We pass Anton Karghaus and Hinterbärenbad again and follow the road through the valley. The weather is getting more and more humid and I am glad we chose to descend into the shade. Our drinking water is running out, but fortunately we can top up at a source along the way.

Arrival at Stripsenjochhaus
Koffie met Apfelstrudel
Coffee and an Apfelstrudel
Op het terras van Stripsenjochhaus
With my XL Apfelschörle
Uitzicht op de Goinger Halt
The descent to Wilder Kaiser

The prettiest valley in Tirol

Every now and then we look over our shoulder and at the rocks that disappear further and further into the background. I am really amazed by the beauty of this valley and unfamiliarity with tourists. Most go to the Wilder Kaiser, the other side of the Kaisergebirge. However, if you want peace and space and unspoiled nature, the Kaisertal is a fantastic option!
A good three hours after our departure from Stripsenjochhaus we are back at our hotel in Kufstein. In the evening the thunderstorms erupt in full force and the next day a thick cloud cover has gathered over the Kaiser Mountains. It is raining and so it is time to head home again. We’d love to come back here one day in the future!

Uitzicht over de Ellmauer Halt
View over Ellmauer Halt
Het Kaisertal
The Kaisertal slowly disappears out of sight
Een laatste blik op het Kaisergebirge
Last views of the Kaisergebirge

Day hike to Stripsenjochhaus

Would you like to go on a day hike to Stripsenjochhaus without spending the night in Anton Karghaus? In four hours you can hike from Kufstein to Stripsenjochhaus, the way back takes about 3 hours and takes you along the same trail. On this page you’ll find alternative hikes to Stripsenjochhaus.

wandeling in het Kaisertal
On the way to Stripsenjochhaus

Conclusion en disclaimer

I hope you found this article useful. For tips and tricks for hiking in the Alps, go to this post where I share 15 years of experience in one article!
We made this trip in collaboration with the Austrian Tourist Board and the tourist office of Kufsteinerland. All opinions given are only our own. This article contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase via such a link, we may receive a modest commission for you at no extra cost.

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