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Here comes the … winter

Tomorrow it will be spring. Finally! Lets get over and done with the snow and the cold, let the birds sing their songs and let the flowers take over the planet. Oh no wait, it’s still snowing outside and freezing during the night, just above zero during the day. Global warming my ass …

OK enough frustration now, blogs aren’t supposed to be negative I guess. Well despite the cold and depressing winter we’ve had (correction: are still having) we’ve been out and around all the time. We’ve picked up hiking again and have been out to various places in Holland to do some tracks.

In February we went “wilderness” camping in the woods. Officially this isn’t allowed in our little country but there are some so called “pole campsites”. During the spring/summer/fall season you are allowed to camp here for free, within a 10 metre range of the pole and with a maximum of three tents. They are usually in a secluded place somewhere in the woods and have no facilities other than a waterpump, which is very likely to free during the wintertime. People thought we were crazy for camping out in the woods in the cold but it was quite fun actually. We walked about 30 kms in two days with our packs and on the second day it actually got quite warm so we had our first “terrasje” of the year. Doing a “terrasje” is a typical Dutch thing, it’s when you go to a bar or restaurant for drinks or food and sit outside in the sun and look at people. When the weather is good, Dutch people will call each other and propose to go and do a “terrasje”. Or we say it, take a terrasje (een terrasje pakken). A terrasje is a terrace in case you hadn’t guessed yet. So if you ever come to Holland and the weather is good, be sure to take a terrasje!

We also went to Winterberg in Germany to go skiing. It’s just a couple of hrs driving from here and eventhough the slopes are quite short and are filled with Dutch kamizake people who actually have no idea how to ski and just want to be crazy one day, we had quite a blast. The weather wasn’t too good so I didn’t take a lot of pictures, it was way too cold to take your gloves off.

Anyway, here’s some pictures we took while walking and exploring the last couple of months. Our next 4-day hiking trip is planned for Easter which is in less than 10 days. Let the spring begin, pretty please!

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