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Hello Colorado!

Hello from Colorado! We’ve been here for less than 48 hours and already saw so much. Not sure where to start because there’s lots and lots to tell but since I’m exhausted I will probably fall asleep sometime soon. I hate jetlags!
We didn’t spend much time in Denver as we’re not really city people and wanted to get out into the mountains as soon as possible. In the morning we stocked up on food and supplies at Wallmart and REI (outdoor store) and drove south to Colorado Springs. Along the way we visited the Royal Air Force Academy, which was very interesting! The most impressive sight was the Cadet’s Chapel, which actually had 4 different religious chapels inside one very fine designed building. The next stop was Garden of the Gods, a park with some magnificent orange and red rock formations. Here we made some walks (along with many other tourists) before heading out to Mueller State Park, our camping place for the night.
Cadet’s Chapel
Garden of the Gods
Upon arrival in Mueller Park we were told about camping in bear country and eventhough we knew that it’s serious business, it still got our attention… you have to be so aware of what you do, what you eat, where you keep your stuff and what to bring with you into your tent… apparently bears have a very strong sense of smell and they will smell food and cosmetics from very far away. Our car was parked at a 500 metre distance from our campsite but luckily we had a bear proof bin where we could store our stuff. During the night I couldn’t help but listening carefully to the surroundings though. when I happened to be awake. That’s what happens when the scariest wildlife you stumble upon in Europe might be a fox or a deer…
This morning we woke up early (again) and took a 2 hour hike through Mueller State Park. It wasn’t too spectacular but good enough to warm up for the bigger hikes we’ll be making this trip. What’s quite amazing is that we camped at an altitude of almost 2.800 metres and there still were so many trees and it wasn’t cold at all…
Then we drove up to Independance Pass, one of the highest mountain passes on the Continental Divide. It has an altitude of 3.865 metres and gave me a massive headache but it was definetely worth that. The drive was very impressive, with snowcapped mountains in the background and surrounded by waterfalls, one of the best drives ever. Once on the top, it was really good and we had a bit of snowfall as well. There actually was quite a bit of snow left on the mountains so we didn’t really do any hiking there because of avalanche danger.
Then we headed down again, to the millionaire town of Aspen. I was warned beforehand not to go here because everything is overrated and expensive. Expensive it is, overrated I am not sure of yet. The burger we just had at Little Annie’s was pretty good value and the mountains look promising. We’re still figuring out whether to drive or cycle up to Maroon Bells nature area tomorrow, which promises to be one of the must sees in the area.

I apologise in case there are many spelling mistakes here. WordPress and wifi at the Aspen St. Moritz Lodge don’t go well together…


  • Solveig

    it is so lovely where you are.. 😀 But I would have been too much afraid to sleep in a tent while bears are outside.. I wish you still a great time in US and that you’ll see many beautiful places there.. already loved the pictures in facebook that you posted.. 😀

    • anto

      bears are fun 🙂 but yeah, I didn’t sleep too well the first night, later on you get used to hearing cracking noises in the bushes around you 🙂

  • Jay Prince

    Hey! Great article! I lived in Colorado Springs years ago. I was in the Army at the time and worked on Fort Carson (this base is located on one end of the Springs and the U.S. Air Force Academy is located at the other end – north – of the city). That chapel at the Air Force Academy really is gorgeous. I remember being on base and seeing it up close, and I remember seeing it from Interstate 25 often.

    There is so much more to see in that state ..yet so little time.

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