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Happy National Park week – Park Post special!

Happy National Park week everyone!
This week (19-27 April) more than 400 national parks in the US are opening their doors for free.

How I wish we’d live in the US so we could visit them all … we fell in love big time with the grand natural variety of the US National Parks during last year’s roadtrip. So even though we are not American, we’re going to share our favorite photos of the parks we have visited, in honor and with respect to natural beauty!

Arches National Park, Utah
It would have been easy to post a picture of an arch here but let’s not do that. Instead, we’ll share one of Park Avenue in the southern part of the park. Definetely one of our favorite parts of the park, aside from all the arches…



Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
We were warned about this park, that would be too crowded and not nearly as impressive as we’d seen up in Wyoming. Well folks, you were wrong, we loved it and can’t wait to go back! This is a view from the Trail Ridge Road.



Bryce National Park, Utah
We were here for a short time only, but the sunrise on the amphitheatre left a great impression on us. If you have the time, make sure to walk the Navajo Loop Trail!



Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
What can I say, how can you not love the Grand Canyon? One of the most stunning places on earth. With and without all the other tourists…



Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
We could have spend days, no weeks, here. A giant supervolcano that bubbles, rumbles and steams, filled up with bison, bears and other wildlife. Picking one picture was a hard choice, however since we already posted many of the famous places, here’s one of the Norris geyser field, less crowded but quite stunning!



Zion National Park, Utah
Somehow I found it difficult to take good pictures of Zion Canyon because of the sun never being in the right place. It’s the perfect place for outdoor activites and all kinds of hikes, from Sunday afternoon strolls to strenuous dayhikes.



Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
This park probably surprised us the most with its pretty peaks, lakes and wildlife. The most famous spot must be Mormon Row, we were lucky to get the Tetons out of the clouds in the morning we were driving back to Colorado…



Canyonlands National Park, Utah
My favorite picture of our whole roadtrip we made, sunrise at Mesa Arch. A magical moment only to be witnessed by us and a few other tourists. We’ll never forget this!



Want to read more about our US National Park adventures or read about our tips and tricks? Make sure to visit our Park Post section for all you’d like to know about the parks we visited.

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