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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s day everyone! Since Sunday has become “Social Travel Talk day” we have gained lots of ideas how to inspire your with our personal stories. Since today is mother’s day in The Netherlands, Anto will tell you the story of her mother and travel… (for the Dutch version of this blog, please click here)

“My passion for the mountains started when I was very young. Ever since I was a little kid I traveled to the Austrian Alps with my parents and later on with my younger brother and sister, too. After every school year I arrived there completely exhausted from my daily life. Back then I had a really bad form of bronchitis that left me breathless with almost everything I did, from being close to the neighbor’s dog to sleeping on a down pillow or visiting my grandmother in Rotterdam where the air was much more polluted than the countryside we lived in. In The Alps the fresh mountain air helped me to breathe again, to give me back my appetite and to basically come back to life. When I called my mother last summer to tell her we had booked a holiday home in Bichlbach, she cried out “that’s where I went to as a kid with my parents!”


Then came my parents ‘divorce, these things happen, and we didn’t travel for a while. At least not together. However my mother was always there to support me. When I went to Spain for the very first time with my friend Jennifer she came to say goodbye. When I went to Australia as a backpacker she made sure I had enough Dollars to make it through the first days. When I needed a ride to/from the airport she was always the first to offer “I’ll drive you” even though this means crossing the entire country from east to west for her.

Whenever I plan a big trip she opens up her ancient atlas and asks me to draw the route we are going to make on the map. She’s an avid reader of the brochure I publish for work each year and she has come to see my presentations plenty of times. During my trips, my mother always travels with me for a little bit.


A couple of years ago her second husband passed away because of cancer.  Her travelcompanion, whom she could stroll for hours on the Spanish boulevards with and whom she traveled to Suriname with to visit his son who lives there, was gone. A difficult time came and the desire to travel had gone. Recently she surprised me by telling that she had booked a trip to Turkey, together with my grandmother. They have come back by now and I’m glad they had a good time. They had lots of food, got to know nice people and got a massage by some young Turkish masseurs. This summer, they are going to… Austria (my mother and grandma that is, not with the young Turkish masseur luckily).

The last trip that my mother (+ husband and my sister) and I made together was a daytrip to London. Despite the fact that it was just raining for 24 hours and that we were cold, wet and exhausted, it was a really fun day. A day where her husband hung out sick in a museum all day (it was a pretty rough ferry ride from Calais to Dover) and where I dragged her all over London to get my favorite books and a Hard Rock Café shotglass.


We don’t always spend Mother’s Day together but today, when you are reading this, I’ll be at her place for a coffee and some dinner. What we are talking about? Her trips, my trips, this beautiful world we both want to see of a lot still…”

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  • Serena

    such a lovely and sweet reading!
    thank you for sharing all these memories and nice moments spent with your mum.
    my mum has always been very supportive and curious about my trips as well, and, altough she doesn’t take much initiative about travelling, she loves it, and she still is one of my fave travelmates 🙂

  • Sabine de Witte

    Unfortunately my mom isn’t that much of a traveller. She always hated to go on holidays, but once she arrived it was ok. For a week, after that she was longing to go back home.
    Great you share so many trips with your mom!

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