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From Sweden with love – can I stay forever?

It’s Saturday evening around 7pm and I’m sitting on the porch of a stuga (holiday house) in Sweden. I just came back from taking a refreshing plunge into the lake and in a few moments dinner will be ready. Tonight it will be pasta from a bag. Normally I never eat anything from a bag but when in the outdoors, pasta from a bag is just fine. In fact, it will taste wonderful, after having spent a whole day outside.


Upon arrival in Sweden yesterday, somebody asked me if I’d been to Sweden before. “Sure” I said, “I’ve been to Stockholm four times”.  And she frowned. And I felt weird. For just a second, because then I realized I do the same when I talk to foreigners. I ask them if they have ever been to The Netherlands and when they say “Yes, to Amsterdam”, I always blurt “well Amsterdam is not The Netherlands”. And I’m sure that’s what the person I spoke to yesterday thought as well. Indeed, Stockholm is not Sweden, at least not the Sweden I am experiencing right now.


I’ve been in the Småland region only 24 hours and I already fell in love with it. I knew I would because I’m crazy about Scandinavia and Nordic countries in general. 3 Weeks ago I was in Iceland, now I’m in Sweden and in 2 weeks I’m in Iceland again, followed by a couple of weeks in Alaska. Last year I went to Finland and I also went to Norway. Both countries stole my heart. I knew Sweden would, too.


I’m not sure why but I feel at home here in Sweden. Maybe because everything sounds familiar as I’ve read so many Swedish novels. Or maybe it’s the familiar names of towns and places, because I shop at Ikea occasionally. It might be the Swedish movies I saw or the language that is kind of like Dutch with a twist. It’s very likely also the “kanelbullar” (cinnamon rolls) that I simply adore and eat way too often. What definitely makes it easy to feel at home here, is that everyone speaks proper English. When asking two older men about the right way to cycle this morning, they spoke to us in perfect English. I’m very unadventurous when it comes to that …


But most likely above all it’s probably nature that makes me feel so good here. The thousands of lakes, forests and blue skies. The silence of the wilderness and the sounds of the forests. Driving here is a total pleasure. Sitting on the porch and writing is a pleasure, when all you can hear is your fingers hitting the keyboard and some birds that are whistling. Occasionally a neighbor passes by but generally it’s quiet. There is no buzzing of mobile phones because there is no connection here. The only place you can get connected is at reception, which is a 5 minute walk. Here, guests meet to catch up with daily news. Other than that, it’s quiet.


This is where people take a plunge in the lake. Where they do not litter but instead respect nature. Where they leave each other alone and where they make no loud noise. Where they build a campfire at night and take their canoes for a paddle in the moonlight. I can’t believe this is only a 70 minute flight away. This beautiful, peaceful place which is not only a great place for outdoor adventurists but also a place to connect with nature. Somehow I’m not looking forward to going home. Instead, I’d just like to stay here forever…


[Note: this post was published with a delay because there was no wifi available earlier on. At the same time, upon arrival at home, I found out that I had been bitten by a tick while out. I’m now on antibiotics to prevent Lyme disease infection. However, it makes me drowsy and want to sleep forever so that’s all I’ve been doing. Please not though that this is not typical for Sweden, in fact there’s more infected ticks in Holland than over there, but something that typically happens to someone who loves to spend all her time outdoors … so just saying to anyone who loves the woods: be careful out there!]

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Thank you for sharing!


  • Angela

    Glad you had a wonderful time. Whenever I tell people I am from the States, everyone always wants to visit NYC, LA, or Miami. I always try to encourage people to go further and explore the national parks and more places that are not representative of the U.S. that I love. I have always wanted to go to Sweden since I am half Swedish. I think I would love it there 🙂 Enjoy your upcoming travels; they sound fun!

    • anto

      Ohhh good to hear it happens all over the world. The US national parks are awesome and I can’t wait to head back one day … would esp love to explore the Pacific Northwest for some hiking …

  • Meg Jerrard

    Sounds like you had a blast – I can see why you love Sweden so much. Just minus the frustration of the tick – I hope you quickly recover. Ticks can be found anywhere in the world especially when you’re spending so much time in the outdoors, so we won’t hold it against Sweden!!!! 😀 Looks beautiful 🙂

  • chrysoula

    It sounds sooo nice. I feel the same way about Sweden. I have read so many novels that want to explore the whole country. I hope you get well soon!

  • Zorica

    I’ve been to Stockholm once but my dream is to explore the other side of Sweden too 🙂 The nature is simply beautiful and thank you for sharing this post with us.

  • Victoria@ The British Berliner

    The lakes look glorious and serene! I can’t wait to see for myself and yes, Scandinavia and the Nordic countries are as dreamy as you can get LOL!

    I’ve been to Denmark many times and not only to Copenhagen Ho! Ho! This year, I went to Finland for the very first time. Helsinki specifically, as we only had 2 days there. However, I hope to visit Finland again very soon as our visit was just a teaser. I was travelling around the Baltic States you see, and Finland happened to be just around the corner…! I’ll also be doing a whole stretch of Sweden next year as Sweden is going to be hosting the European arm of TBEX in 2016 so I fully expect to use the opportunity to visit Norway too LOL!

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