Fjällraven Abisko Trekking tights review

Fjällräven Abisko Trekking tights review

Product review: the Fjällräven Abisko trekking tights – a durable trekking pants

The new year has started and one of the focus points on We12travel for 2019 will be more product reviews. I literally receive a ton of questions from readers about the best outdoor gear available and so I see it as my task to inspire you about some of the best gear available. Over the past couple of years I gathered a lot of outdoor gear, from backpacks to outdoor pants to jackets and more. Sometimes I bought the items myself, sometimes I received it from a brand in exchange for a review. During last summer I spent a small fortune on an item I immediately knew it was going to be well worth the investment: the Fjällräven Abisko Trekking tights for women.
A few years ago I wrote a post on my Dutch blog about the limited choice in women’s outdoor pants, especially durable ones. Two years later I am pleased to find out that outdoor brands have seen the light and are now making durable and well fitting outdoor pants for women more and more. In the past most of the pants outdoor brands offered were very unflattering in boring colors but these days many brands have designed more comfortable pants for ladies. I used to hike in zip-off hiking pants in some kind of khaki shade, these days I usually wear some hiking tights (or leggings) that are in fact made for hiking rather than running a lap through the city. Fjällräven designed a fantastic outdoor tights in their durable Abisko clothing line. In this blog I’ll tell you about how I fell in love with a pair of trekking pants while in Swedish Lapland last summer.
Fjällräven legging Abisko trekking tights

In an outdoor store in Swedish Lapland last summer

Over the last summer I travelled to Sweden for a few weeks, the country of Fjällräven. Somewhere in Lapland (the upper part around and above the Arctic Circle) I was browsing through an outdoor store in order to find a small pan as I had forgotten mine at home. However my eye caught the Abisko Trekking tights. In a beautiful emerald green color and with knee and bottom pads! I checked the price and put it back in the rack: it was way too expensive at first thought. A bit further north I went to another outdoor store as I didn’t find a pan in the other shop and once again I saw the Fjällräven Abisko trousers. ‘Just try it out’ my boyfriend said ‘in case you don’t like it, you will know and don’t have to keep thinking about those pants.’ I took one from the rack, tried it on and went insane. It was heavenly soft, comfortable and warm at the same time. I was sold and fell in love with a pair of women’s trekking tights.
After weighing out the pro’s and con’s for a while, I decided to go for it. I hadn’t invested in decent trekking pants for a while now and was in need of one. I paid for it at the check out with a large grin on my face. The next day I wore it while starting my Kungsleden hike and didn’t take it off for the next week. It’s truly the best trekking pants I’ve ever had!
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About the Abisko trekking tights

The Fjällräven Abisko trekking tights has pre shaped knees and a pre shaped bottom so you can easily sit on the ground, pitch up your tent, crawl around and more without being cold or painful. The waist is extra high so in case you have to bend over, your back will be covered still. The leg pockets offer practical storage and the four-way stretch fabric gives you the maximum freedom of movement. Very seldom I have felt this comfortable wearing trekking tights.
But … it turned out I had bought the Fjällräven Abisko Trekking tights too large. I bought size Large since I hate it when trekking pants are too tight, however it became a little larger while hiking. Luckily Fjällräven recently provided me with a new Abisko Trekking tights, a black Medium one this time that I will carry to Iceland with me next month. In the mean while it has also accompanied me on my hiking adventures in La Palma (Spain) most recently and experienced the first bit of snow we had in The Netherlands last December.
Fjällräven Abisko trekking tights

Fjällräven Abisko trekking tights

Fjällräven Abisko trekking tights

Wearing tights while trekking: yes or no?

I’m a big fan of wearing tights or leggings when hiking. It’s very comfortable and more stretchable than the regular (zip off) outdoor pants. This Fjällräven leggings are warm in winter and cool during the summer, protects against the sun and will keep you dry during the first moments of rain. I spent 170 euros (190 dollars) on it but they have already proved to be well worth the money over the past six months.
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Conclusion of the Fjällräven Abisko trekking tights

I had to consider the amount I spent on it but this Fjällräven Abisko pants have proved to be well worth every penny. The fact that I wore it for a week without problems and protecting me from cold and rain in the Arctic region of Sweden during my Kungsleden hike proved to me I can totally recommend this pants to you. I can recommend these Fjällräven Abisko Trekking tights to every woman considering buying it. Tip: buy it on the smaller side as it will become a bit larger as you’ll wear it!

Gotten enthusiastic?

Awesome! You can order these pants on Amazon. As We12travel we receive a small commission if you buy the backpack via our site. This helps us keeping our site live and this is without additional cost for you. Thanks for considering!
[We received the black pair of these pants from Fjällräven / Image PR in return for this review. All given opinions are of course entirely our own.]  
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