Fjällräven Abisko Trail tights

The Fjällräven Abisko Trail Tights review

Review of the Fjällraven Abisko Trail Tights hiking leggings for women

As you may already know, I have become a fan of hiking leggings in recent years. Where I used to go on an adventure with (often) shapeless zip-off outdoor trousers, I now wear leggings nine out of ten during my hiking trips. My favorite leggings so far are the Fjällräven Abisko Trekking Tights and I was happy to hear that there is also a summer version for these tights for warmer days, the Fjällräven Abisko Trail Tights for women. I was asked to test it by Fjällräven and below you’ll find my review.

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Tested in Norway: the Fjällraven Abisko Trail Tights

Where to test Fjällräven trekking tights better than in Scandinavia? The Swedish brand Fjälläven is known for its durable and reliable products of good quality. The Fjällräven items that I own invariably last for years, even with extensive use in rugged landscapes.
Recently I was on a summer vacation in Norway and Sweden and I was happy to be able to test the Fjällraven Abisko Trail Tights here. This light and durable trekking tights for women is ideal for hiking trips on the cooler summer days and / or destinations. You can also wear the leggings on warmer days, but then I’d rather wear shorter pants than these long leggings personally.
These trekking tights are made of durable stretch fabric that is stretchable to four sides, so you never have the feeling that it is too tight and you experience complete freedom of movement. The extra reinforcements on the back and knees are discreet but functional: you can sit on this fabric without problems or even crawl over the floor without it tearing. The leggings have two pockets, one on each leg. The right side without a zipper (handy for your mobile) and the left side with a small zipper.
I really like the high waist of the tights, so you will not be bothered by an “open back” if, for example, you have to kneel down to tie your shoelaces or pick something up. With the drawstring on the inside you can make it as tight as you want, so it will keep you covered at all times.
Just like its winter version, this is a wonderful leggings that you can use for hiking trips in the spring and autumn as well as the cooler days in the summer.
Fjällräven legging

Which Fjällräven leggings should I choose?

This legging is, in my opinion, a trail tights for three seasons: spring, summer and fall. Earlier I reviewed the Trekking Tights that I enjoyed wearing last year. This legging is thicker, making it also extremely suitable for cold destinations and to wear in the winter. In terms of comfort, both leggings are the same and in appearance as well. Depending on the reason for purchase, you can choose the tights of your choice.

Want to buy the Fjällräven Abisko Trail Tights for women?

Keep in mind that if you want to use it for a multi-day hike, it runs a bit and suits on the large side. So it makes sense to buy it smaller than you normally would. Although it is not a cheap leggings, I can guarantee that it is more than worth the money. Once you’ve worn Fjällräven leggings, you don’t want any other cheap leggings anymore! You can order via Amazon here!

Conclusie en disclaimer

I received these trail tights from Fjällräven via Image Amsterdam in exchange for an honest review about the tights. All the opinions mentioned are of course only mine. In this article you will find affiliate links, if you make a purchase through one of these links I will receive a modest commission for you without any additional costs.

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