colorful yellowstone

Colorful Yellowstone

Finally! We’ve finished our photo album of the second part of our American roadtrip. Meaning sorting out hundreds (no wait, thousands) of pictures and editing them. The most memorable part of this part of our trip was our visit to Yellowstone National Park. We knew it would be spectacular, but never expected it to be that spectacular. What amazed us the most wasn’t the wildlife (although a bear encounter is quite something) but it were the amazing colors in the landscape. Especially if you arrive early or stay up late, you will get the most magnificent colors. Here are our favorite places for taking colorful pictures:

Old Faithful geyser

During the day you will find herds of tourists here but at night, most of them are gone. We were lucky and got to see an eruption during sunset.
gr_cam_salt_lake_2_ynp 088

Norris Geyser Basin

We were here early in the morning, hoping to see Steamboat Geyser erupt. We only had about an hour planned here but as we were amazed by all the colors and boiling pots, we came back in the early evening. Almost no other tourists there so perfect for pictures!
gr_cam_salt_lake_2_ynp 134 yellowstone 081 yellowstone 080 yellowstone 072

Grand Prismatic

Probably one of the most photographed spots after Old Faithful. We were pretty unlucky as a lot of steam was coming from the spring. To get this picture, make sure to scramble up the hill behind the spring, from the ground you will not get to see the colors very well.
kleine camera tm grand teton 101

Mammoth Hot Springs

We were unlucky to be here right during the day and walk into hundreds of other tourists. (you can’t be everywhere at the same time) so we just took some quick snaps and moved on. Still, we were impressed by these awesome hot springs and its dead trees.
yellowstone 026

West Thumb Geyser Basin

No matter how awesome the other places were, West Thumb Geyser Basin is by far the most colorful place in Yellowstone. It’s located right at the shores of Yellowstone Lake and we were quite lucky to have sunny weather, which makes the colors even more alive. Words just can’t describe the magnificent colors that appear here. So we won’t even try, instead, just see for yourself:
tm tetons 065 tm tetons 081 kleine camera tm grand teton 088 kleine camera tm grand teton 084 tm tetons 077
Conclusion: 3 days in Yellowstone is not nearly enough. We want to go back and one day, we will!
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