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City-break Naples in pictures

As I was making a back-up from my phone the other day I realized I never wrote much about my recent trip to Naples. And to be brutally honest, there isn’t much to write about. If I have to believe fellow bloggers, raw and dark cities are the new hip. No romance such as Paris or tons of modern history such as Berlin, but cities filled up with graffiti and all kinds of dirt everywhere, that’s supposed to be the new hip. When browsing through my pictures I realized I don’t even have proper pictures of the Naples. Because it was just plain ugly. There, I said it. Naples is ugly. Sure, Lonely Planet and possible all other guidebooks will find a charming way to describe it but in all honesty there was almost nothing that I found worth taking a picture of.

If you have by now decided not to continue reading that’s perfectly fine. I get it. However, going to Naples is still a good idea. The surroundings of the city have a lot to see and offer. But more on that another time. For now, I’ll just share my weekend in Naples in pictures, a long overdue post!

Day 1 – Friday
Up early to catch the 07.30 am flight to Naples. While on the plane, the sun rises and I’m happy to be the way again. This time I’m traveling with my sister. Upon landing we fly by the Vesuvius volcano and within 2 hours after landing, we are at the rim of the crater. The sun is shining and what can I say  … life is good. At night we go to the harbor to see the sunset and have our first pizza in Naples.

naples-on-the-planevesuvius-collage-1 vesuvius-collage-221mar 366

Day 2 – Saturday

Up early to catch the ferry to Capri. Even though the weather forecast isn’t too good, we are heading out anyway because we heard nothing but good stories about this jetset island. One and a half hour later we step onto the island and it’s about to start raining. We get about 5 minutes of sunlight and that’s it, the weather is just crap the rest of the day. We take a short hike, stroll around the narrow streets and pay a fortunte for a cup of tea. A blog about Capri in winter will follow … one day!

The highlight of the day was definitely having a pizza at the same place Bill Clinton had his one, too, way back in 1994. And yup, the pizza was as good as it was told…


Day 3 – Sunday
Our last day already! Today is all about visiting Pompeii. In the morning it’s still raining so armed with our umbrellas, we catch the train and make our way over. Shortly upon arrival it turns dry and later on, the sun even starts shining. We are impressed about Pompeii’s story but in all honesty, spending 3 hours looking at old rocks, is enough for us. Time to head back to the hotel, pack our bags and make our way to the airport.

Even though I wasn’t really positive about Naples earlier on, I can definitely still recommend going there. I suppose we were just in a bit of bad luck. Cold weather and a lot of rain always makes it less fun to be in a city. However, especially the surroundings are worth checking out. So coming up soon, more info and a blog on the best Urban Outdoors in and around Naples…

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