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5 Reasons why you should sleep in citizenM Schiphol

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“Sure, go ahead and book those planetickets” I sent one of my girlfriends when planning our citytrip to Lisbon. Only she forgot to mention that the flight would depart at 06.30 am. For someone who basically lives on the other side of the country and doesn’t have a car, that’s not very convenient. Luckily I decided within no-time that I wanted to sleep in citizenM. This hotel is located at Schiphol Airport, just outside the terminals. I had been to a citizenM before during a bloggers-meet-up in Rotterdam but now it was time to actually try their rooms. Here are my 5 reasons why you should definitely try them, too!

1. The location
Most of the hotels that call itself “airport hotel”, are in fact located at a bit of a drive away from the airport, meaning you are always dependant of a shuttle or cab to get to Schiphol. citizenM is located less than 100 steps away from the terminal so you can come and go whenever you prefer, without needing another means of transportation. Reception is open for 24 hours a day sp no matter what time-zone your body is in, you can always arrive there.


2. The bed
On my Twitter account I already wrote when there: “the only thing I need in a hotelroom is a good bed, an electricity outlet next to it and free wifi.” citizenM has all of that. Despite my relatively short night (thank you Dutch railway system!) I slept extremely well in the bed. All kingsize beds have a a perfect mattres, comfy duvet and very fluffy pillows.  Over the past year I’ve slept at various (even 5*) hotels but none of them had a bed as good as here. Within moments I was off to dreamland, not to wake up again until the next morning.


3. The price
Room rates at citizenM start at € 89,- per night. As fas as I’m concerned, that’s not very expensive, especially compared to other hotels around Schiphol. For this price you get a modern double room and free wifi. Only the extra hour of sleep I could catch in the early morning (instead of getting an airport taxi) was already worth it.

4. The no-nonsense concept
In Holland we have a proverb that goes something like “you’re already crazy enough when you are being your normal self.” This totally is my motto and citizenM is right in line with that. The rooms have been functionally equipped without things you are not going to need, but usually end up paying for anyway. Plus I love their funky statements that are all over the hotel. Each time I ran into a new one, it put another smile on my face. In each of the rooms there’s an iPad with which you can change the litghts and use the tv. Very modern!


5. The cocktails
Oh well, what can I say about it … my journey to Schiphol from Arnhem took me about 3 hours (which is about twice the normal duration) because of a big power outage earlier during the day. So after I had checked in, I needed a boost and finally enjoy the fact that my next trip was coming up. A mojito it was. At the bar I met several other travellers whom I could’ve easily spent hours with chatting. Unfortunately, time came that I really needed to get to my bed because the next morning the alarm would go off at 04.45 again. After doing some work, I dived into my kingsize bed, all knocked out because of the alcohol in my veins. I slept like a baby!

Conclusion? If I ever manage to get myself on such a ridiculously early flight again, I will definitely book citizenM at Schiphol. Comfy, stylish and functional: I’m a fan!

Disclaimer: I was offered a free night stay by citizenM. I’ve not received any further compensation for this article and the above opinion is 100% my own.

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