• montem trekking poles
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    Tested: Montem trekking poles review

    Tested in New Zealand: Montem trekking poles Have you heard of Montem before? I’m quite sure you, like me, have not but in case you have, well done! A few months ago I received an email from founder Kevin if I wanted to try some Montem trekking poles. I was already in New Zealand at that time, but given the fact that I was using poles that were not actually mine, I asked if they could be shipped to Nelson for me. A friends’ parents live there and once I got the message they were delivered, I picked them up, right before starting my second loop of the South Island.…

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    The North Face Men’s Evolution II Triclimate winter jacket review

    Tested in Norway: the North Face Men’s Evolution II Triclimate winter jacket As always, prior to going on a new adventure, I take a long hard look at my hiking gear. Is there something missing? Are any of the items torn or broken? Due to the fact that the soon to be explored area will be pretty unforgiving, I double check my equipment and I realize that my current jacket is not up to the task anymore. The (summer) temperatures in this area vary between -5 and +25 degrees. Welcome to the Dovrefjell, Norway. So time to go and find a new jacket. My preferences? First of all it has…

  • Fjällräven Abisko Eco Shell

    The Fjällräven Abisko Eco Shell jacket review

    It has been two years since my first product review for We12travel. Back then I tested the Fjällräven Eco Trail jacket. I took it with me to Patagonia and wrote this review. I was truly happy with this jacket because after Patagonia, it traveled all across the world with me. From Alaska to Tasmania to Canada and to Nepal, just to name a few places. Just open my Instagram feed and you will always see pictures of me in the bright pink jacket.   So it was about time to test the newest jacket in the eco family, the Fjällräven Abisko Eco Shell. Eco Shell is by Fjällräven itself developed…

  • North Face Ultra Fastpack II GTX hiking shoes
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    North Face Ultra Fastpack II GTX hiking shoes review

    Looking for a hiking shoe that doesn’t really look like one? Which has a decent price, are comfortable and will keep your feet dry at the same time? Then I found the perfect shoes for you! Continue reading as I introduce you to the North Face Ultra Fastpack II GTX hiking shoes.   A while ago I wrote that many hiking shoes look fairly lump. Usually brown, big and heavy. These are the most heard remarks about hiking shoes. Luckily, more and more brands are starting to realize that the hiker nowadays, at least the female hiker, does not always want to wear a lump, brown and heavy hiking boot.…