• senja in noorwegen
    Norway,  We12inspire

    Senja in Norway: where the sun shines behind the clouds

    There’s destinations that fellow bloggers describe as off the beaten path or the road less traveled. Those phrases are used way too much these days in my humble opinion and in fact there’s just a few places in the world that can actually claim to be as described. I think Senja in Norway is one of them. Especially if you compare it to the insanely crowded nearby Lofoten Islands. I went to visit Senja island a while ago and enjoyed it a lot. It was super quiet (though we traveled in high season) and there was a lot to see. Only the weather didn’t cooperate, but that’s to be expected…

  • Uitzicht in het Saarland
    Germany,  We12inspire

    Things to do in Saarland in Germany

    One of the lesser known regions in Germany is the Saarland region. Saarland is located in the southwest corner of Germany, against the border triangle with France and Luxembourg. Because it is just a little further away than the Eifel and Moselle from where I live (The Netherlands), the beautiful area is often skipped and that is a shame, because there are many beautiful things to see and do. Here are our tips for your holiday in Saarland and the best sights in the Saarland in Germany.     First of all: your vacation in Saarland Good to know is that the Saarland is about a 4/5 hours drive from…

  • Uitkijktoren Marker Wadden
    Netherlands,  We12inspire

    An expedition to the Marker Wadden in Nieuw Land N.P.

    Have you ever heard of the Marker Wadden? This nature reserve in the Markermeer in The Netherlands consists of various islands and is part of the Nieuw Land National Park. The national park has been open to the public since 2020 and I was asked to visit Marker Wadden in collaboration with Dutch National Parks. In this article I will tell you all about it including a lot of practical information for your visit. Enjoy reading!   Also read: a micro adventure on the Wadden Sea during a running aground excursion   About the Marker Wadden and National Park Nieuw Land The Marker Wadden is the largest man-made nature reserve…

  • Waddenzee Werelderfgoed
    Netherlands,  We12inspire

    Running aground on the Wadden Sea

    Did you know that the Dutch Wadden Sea is on the UNESCO World Heritage List? The landscape here is formed by wind and water and is full of life. Every year, millions of migratory birds make a stopover in the Wadden region on their journey to warmer or colder places. Countless bird species, seals, porpoises and many other animal species live in the Wadden area. The most special way to explore the Wadden Sea is during a running aground and mudflat walking excursion. In this article I’ll tell you all about it! Before you continue reading, check out the short video I made:     Arrival in Harlingen It is…