• Most beautiful unknown places in New Zealand: Lake Hauroko
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    The most beautiful unknown places in New Zealand

    Welcome to this post with the most beautiful unknown places in New Zealand. Let’s be honest, only few other places in the world can beat New Zealand for its natural beauty. Without having to drive for days, you will find yourself surrounded by glaciers one day, in the middle of Fiordland the next and on white sandy beaches the day after. This article first appeared in 2016 and was fully updated after my most recent visit in the winter of 2023. Most of the places mentioned have now also been discovered by tourism, but are still considerably less visited than New Zealand’s tourist hotspots. The most beautiful unknown places in…

  • leukste canggu restaurants
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    The best Canggu restaurants and cafes – tips for breakfast, lunch and dinner

    Are you looking for the best Canggu restaurants? On my most recent trip to Bali, I stayed in Canggu for five days at the end of my trip. Just to do nothing at all, immerse myself in the relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the huge range of hip eateries that you can find here. Canggu seems to be becoming the hipster capital of Bali. Everyone is moving forward along the main street, with or without a surfboard, on a scooter or sitting with a laptop in one of the many trendy cafes that you can find here. Here you will find countless good restaurants, cafes and spots to settle down and…

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    5 Reasons why I can’t wait to go back to Norway

    Exactly one year ago today I left Norway for the last time. It sounds better than it actually is because other than a drive from Oslo Airport to the Swedish town of Höljes there was not much of Norway to this trip, but at least I got a glance of Norway in the winter. Just driving through the landscape made me realize that I truly need to go back there someday soon and so I’m seriously considering heading back next summer. I loved the summer vacation I spent here back in 2015 and have been wanting to go back ever since. Here are my five reasons why I can’t wait…