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    The best hikes in Zion National Park

    Welcome to this article with the best hikes in Zion National Park. Anyone who is planning on going to the western part of the United States, should consider visiting Zion National Park. This spectacular piece of nature is only a short drive away from Las Vegas and with its red rocks and canyons, it’s one of the most popular national parks in the USA. In this article I’m sharing the best hikes at Zion National Park with you.   This article was first published in 2015 and updated in 2022 Angel’s Landing hike Together with The Narrows, this is definitely the most popular trail in the park. The rock you…

  • best multi day hikes in the world

    The best multi day hikes in the world (2022 edition)

    The world’s best multi day hikes: an introduction A couple of years ago I wrote this article with the 10 best multi day hikes in the world. It has been online for almost six years now and up until now, it’s one of my most read articles. By now I have moved around the world quite a bit more and added a few more great hikes to the list.   So here is my top 24 of the best multi day treks in the world that everyone should make. All hiked and experienced, mostly in full and sometimes in parts only by yours truly. Some I hiked even more than…

  • El Caminito del Rey
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    El Caminito del Rey: must do or deception?

    El Caminito del Rey near Malaga in Spain is probably one of the most famous hikes in Spain. Or should I say tourist attraction? If you were on social media years ago, you may have seen dizzying photos of the Caminito del Rey with a worn path in a gorge and hikers who were attached to ropes. Whereas the old Caminito del Rey used to one of the deadliest hikes in the world, the new version if it has been ‘upgraded’ and safety has improved. There is little dangerous about it, I read on various websites before I set off to Ardales in Andalucia. Nevertheless, while recently traveling in the…

  • solo female travel in alaska
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    Solo female travel in Alaska: here’s what to know!

    Having been to Alaska no less than seven times over the past 15 years, I think I can give quite an accurate point of view what it’s like to solo travel in Alaska as a female. Not all my trips have been done solo, some have. Note that this article is written from a European point of view. I’m from The Netherlands and have been incredibly lucky to have been to Alaska so many times. In this article I’ll be writing about the part of Alaska that can be reached from Anchorage, so not the panhandle that you’ll visit with a cruise. I’ve solo hiked in Alaska, driven a rental…