• biking in norway
    Norway,  We12bike

    Biking in Fjord-Norway in pictures

    This is why you want to go biking in Fjord-Norway As you may have noticed while visiting my social media channels, I was biking in Norway over the past week. I was invited on this trip by Innovation Norway and I accepted the invite without hesitation. Interest in biking in Norway is increasing and becoming more and more popular. Detailed blogs with tips and tricks as well as my route and more will of course follow, but for now I wanted to already give you a sneak peek of what I have seen along the way. I started my adventure in the small town of Voss, biked across mountain passes…

  • cycling the otago rail trail in new zealand
    New Zealand,  We12bike

    Cycling the Otago Rail Trail in New Zealand

    Cycling the Otago Rail Trail: about pedalling and sheep When you are from The Netherlands, aka “the country where everyone always rides a bike” (and NOT, “the country where everyone visits family on their ice skates because we have so many canals”, as it has been said during the recent winter Olympics), there’s no way we could say no to a little adventure on the Otago Central Rail Trail while in New Zealand.  This 150 kilometer former railway takes you through some truly stunning scenery in Central Otago and shouldn’t be too much of a problem for anyone who knows how to ride a bike. In this blog I’ll tell…

  • Naturpark Moor Veenland
    Germany,  We12bike

    Hiking and biking in Naturpark Moor Veenland

    Are there any undiscovered places left in this world? Absolutely! Somewhere in busy Europe? Yes! Earlier this year I travelled to the Dutch-German Naturpark Moor Veenland, a stunning nature park on the border of Drenthe in the Netherlands and Emsland in Germany. The landscape is formed mostly by various moorlands, connected to each other with roads and a small village every now and then.   Peace and quiet rules in this area. I cycled here on a Saturday and hiked on a Sunday and barely met anyone else. There’s no need to queue for a parking spot as you sometimes need to do in very popular nature parks. Once you…

  • Australia,  We12bike

    Biking in Tasmania: our tips and tricks for an awesome ride!

    A couple of years ago, Martijn said ‘I want to go biking in Tasmania one day’. A couple of years later, also known as present time, his dream came true and we went biking in Tasmania. In 8 days we pedalled some 450 kilometers from the city of Launceston (officially a town just south of it) all the way along the east coast back to Hobart.   Oh boy, it was a challenge, at least for me. I cycle quite a bit back and forth between home and the office I work at but that’s usually just around 45 minutes a day. The biggest challenge in that ride is crossing…