• Scandinavia trip planning
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    Scandinavia trip planning: which country should you go to?

    If you have been to We12travel before, you may know that nordic destinations are my favorite places to travel. The definition of nordic destinations is of course quite broad, but with ‘nordic’ I mean the outer ends of this planet. In other words, Scandinavia, Canada and Alaska, but also Patagonia and New Zealand, which are not located in the north, but resemble northern destinations in nature. I’m not necessarily interested in the mountains (because you also have those in the Alps and Nepal, for example), but it’s more about the feeling that you get while there. The relaxed atmosphere, the wooden houses, the roughness of the landscape and the mostly…

  • kungsleden hike
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    The Kungsleden trail in Sweden: a true Nordic hiking adventure

    Welcome to this Kungsleden trail guide! Some hiking trails you just have to do once in your lifetime. The Kungsleden Trail in Sweden is one of them. Ever since I became an avid hiker I knew I wanted to hike the Kungsleden. I honestly have no idea how I came up with the idea of walking the Kungsleden. Probably after I read about it once in an outdoor magazine. When David and I had our first date nearly three years ago, he mentioned that he had hiked a section of the Kungsleden trek a few years ago. At that time, we did not know yet that we’d be exploring the…

  • osprey atmos ag 50
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    Tested in Sweden: the Osprey Atmos AG 50 review

    Tested at Kungsleden Trail in Sweden: Osprey Atmos AG 50 backpack for men All of a sudden the summer holidays are here, and I start to realize that my current, worn out backpack is over twelve years old and not really up to the task anymore. What to do? Well, my girlfriend is running around with a very fancy looking Osprey backpack for ladies and I would love to have a crack at it too. No better place for me than Kungsleden, Sweden to test a new backpack and lucky for me Osprey is willing to let me test the Osprey Atmos AG 50 pack. So here’s my review of…

  • camping in the swedish wilderness
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    Hiking & camping in the Swedish wilderness

    After my arrival and a first night in Hotel Sommarhagen in the Swedish Östergötland region it’s time to prepare myself for the reason I actually came here, which is camping in the Swedish wilderness. Camping in Sweden is quite different than camping here in Holland. At least, the way I’m going to camp that is. Here in Sweden they have the Everyman’s Right, which is all about the right to access Swedish nature. Wikipedia also calls it Freedom to Roam and in short it means you can camp anywhere you want, at least if you stick to a certain number of rules. The Swedes call this right the Allemansrätten and…