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    Confessions of a travel blogger,  Sunday social travel talk

    The disillusion that’s called digital nomad life

    It’s about time for me to speak up. Really speak up that is. Digital nomad life was a big disillusion for me. Nine months I tried it and deep in my heart I already knew after a few months: this is not my future. I love to travel and love to write and still want to continue traveling but just not as a digital nomad anymore.   A few years ago the so-called ‘digital nomad life style’ seemed to be popping up everywhere. Whoever scrolled through social media or read popular magazines saw pictures and/or stories of entrepreneurs working location independent in the most tropical places on the world, sipping…

  • Confessions of a travel blogger,  Sunday social travel talk

    How I’m doing … one year later!

    Wow … time flies when you’re having fun! A few years ago I used to share quite a few personal stories on We12travel, however over the past one and a half years I cut down on that. Because I didn’t want to share too many personal details anymore, because I was not proud of the burnout that I was diagnosed with and because I traveled the world for no less than nine months. A reader who contacted me on Facebook recently, reminded me about a blog that I wrote almost a year ago but never translated into English. Reading this blog made me think of what happened over the past…

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    Update: the road to freedom (and … where’s Anto?)

    It has been awfully quiet on We12travel lately but that wasn’t without reason. The upcoming couple of months are going to be all about some major changes I’m making to my life and the first one actually took place yesterday, when I moved out of my apartment in the city center. I’ve lived here with a lot of joy over the past six months but it was time to go. This was my first step on the road freedom!   Moving did not quite go as planned. Normally I tend to prepare well for these kind of things but unfortunately, things didn’t quite turn out like that. About a week…

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    Confessions of a travel blogger,  Sunday social travel talk

    How to create more time for blogging

    As you can read in my bio I love to inspire people. To go outdoors more often, to live an active life and to enjoy nature in a better way. In addition, I also like to inspire other (wannabe) bloggers about blogging. I’ve written quite a few blogs about this, for example how to make the most out of Pinterest or Things I’ve learned after 2 years of blogging. A question I occasionally get from readers is where I find the time. To blog, to hike, go be outdoors and read a pile of books. Oh and keeping a social life, too.   The most important thing I’ve learned over…