• hiking with positive impact
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    Hiking with positive impact while traveling

    Hiking with positive impact – what you can do to make this world a better place! When Saskia from Better Places Travel asked me if I wanted to share my vision on #positivetravel I immediately became enthusiastic. While I’m doing my best do contribute to a better world already, I figured that I’d share my thoughts on positive travel with you. Since there are already many blogs written about the most common ways to travel environmental friendly (travel local, compensate your CO2 emissions) I’m sharing my thoughts on walking and hiking with positive impact with you. I’m sure that you may not even have thought about some of these things…

  • kari traa
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    Get outdoors with Kari Traa gear

    Get outdoors with Kari Traa gear A while ago I was on a blogevent where I got in touch with Norwegian brand Kari Traa. At first I thought they only had sports gear but as it turned out, they also have amazing outdoor gear. Clothes that made me enthusiastic straight away when I saw them. And trust me, that doesn’t happen very often.   On my Dutch blog I once wrote about how ugly and unflattering some outdoor clothes can be. About how colorless it is and about why there are so little brands trying to make outdoor outfits that are somewhat nice looking. And that I’ve been wearing the…

  • North Face Ultra Fastpack II GTX hiking shoes
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    North Face Ultra Fastpack II GTX hiking shoes review

    Looking for a hiking shoe that doesn’t really look like one? Which has a decent price, are comfortable and will keep your feet dry at the same time? Then I found the perfect shoes for you! Continue reading as I introduce you to the North Face Ultra Fastpack II GTX hiking shoes.   A while ago I wrote that many hiking shoes look fairly lump. Usually brown, big and heavy. These are the most heard remarks about hiking shoes. Luckily, more and more brands are starting to realize that the hiker nowadays, at least the female hiker, does not always want to wear a lump, brown and heavy hiking boot.…

  • the north face cesium anorak product review
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    The North Face Cesium Anorak product review

    Summer is well on its way and just a few weeks ago, it was about time to check my outdoor gear for the summer. I was somewhat surprised that I couldn’t find my summer rain jacket anywhere. It’s a lightweight one from Patagonia that I once bought on sale at REI in Alaska. I borrowed it to a friend last summer and received it back as well, but I just have no idea where I put it… I looked everywhere but since our house is one big outdoor factory it seems, I just had no idea where it could have disappeared to. Right at that moment, The North Face asked…