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    Climbing Villarrica Volcano: the uncomfortable truth

    Approximately one and a half year ago I was on a press trip in Curaçao with a bunch of other bloggers, as well as a journalist from a big Dutch newspaper. She did not have a clue about blogging and at some point asked me if I wrote about things I didn’t like. I told her that it’s my choice not to do that most of the time, because for me blogging is a hobby and should be fun. I’m not a reporter, I’m just someone who writes because she likes to. However, as I’m doing a round-up of the roadtrip through Patagonia we made last year, I just could…

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    Patagonia Roadtrip: Ruta de los Siete Lagos & Lanín National Park

    It’s said that the Ruta de los Siete Lagos is one of the most stunning drives in Argentina, so needless to say we expected a lot of it. Most people drive it while heading up north from Bariloche to San Martin de los Andes or take a day tour from Bariloche. We had already done a short part of it upon entering Argentina from Chile, so therefore we decided to head the alternative way and first drive to Villa Traful along Ruta 237. This turned out to be a great alternative because there were almost no cars there and it was pretty different than the Ruta de los Siete Lagos. Much dryer…

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    Bariloche: bucketlist or tourist trap?

    There is this thing about Bariloche that kept me away from it for years. Maybe it was because Argentineans like to take their vacations there so it was bound to be very touristc, or maybe it was because they say it looks like Switzerland – with their mountains, lakes and chocolates. As Switzerland is “just around the corner” for us, I didn’t really feel the need to fly all the way to the other side of the world to see just that. Some people I talked to rave about Bariloche, some people say it was utterly disappointing when you compare it to the rest of Patagonia.   When I accidentally won…

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    Hiking to Refugio Otto Meiling

    After getting a massive load of rain in Chile during the first week of our Patagonian roadtrip, the weather changed in our favor when driving over to Bariloche in Argentina’s Lake District. So the first thing we did upon arrival, was check the weather report for the days to come and pay a visit to Club Andino, who can provide you with any information you may need about hiking the mountains around this area. As the next day looked like the best one of the week to come, we decided to immediately leave for another cool adventure: hiking to Refugio Otto Meiling.   Of some places you will always remember how…

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