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    Biking in Fjord-Norway in pictures

    This is why you want to go biking in Fjord-Norway As you may have noticed while visiting my social media channels, I was biking in Norway over the past week. I was invited on this trip by Innovation Norway and I accepted the invite without hesitation. Interest in biking in Norway is increasing and becoming more and more popular. Detailed blogs with tips and tricks as well as my route and more will of course follow, but for now I wanted to already give you a sneak peek of what I have seen along the way. I started my adventure in the small town of Voss, biked across mountain passes…

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    The North Face Men’s Evolution II Triclimate winter jacket review

    Tested in Norway: the North Face Men’s Evolution II Triclimate winter jacket As always, prior to going on a new adventure, I take a long hard look at my hiking gear. Is there something missing? Are any of the items torn or broken? Due to the fact that the soon to be explored area will be pretty unforgiving, I double check my equipment and I realize that my current jacket is not up to the task anymore. The (summer) temperatures in this area vary between -5 and +25 degrees. Welcome to the Dovrefjell, Norway. So time to go and find a new jacket. My preferences? First of all it has…

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    5 Reasons why I can’t wait to go back to Norway

    Exactly one year ago today I left Norway for the last time. It sounds better than it actually is because other than a drive from Oslo Airport to the Swedish town of Höljes there was not much of Norway to this trip, but at least I got a glance of Norway in the winter. Just driving through the landscape made me realize that I truly need to go back there someday soon and so I’m seriously considering heading back next summer. I loved the summer vacation I spent here back in 2015 and have been wanting to go back ever since. Here are my five reasons why I can’t wait…

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    The most amazing viewpoints in Fjord Norway

    NORWAY …  a place everyone I talk to wants to go. I seriously don’t recall ever talking to someone who said they wouldn’t be interested in going there. Norway is wanted. And famous. For its stunning nature, the fjords and the mountains. For its inspiring landscapes, great outdoor and adventure activities and being incredibly expensive. I’m amongst the lucky ones having been able to travel to Norway several times, always exploring another part of the country.   It’s needless to say that the fjords are best observed from above. While hiking up will usually give you the best views, it’s not necessary to always hike up to get stunning views. We’ll…