• things to do in medemblik the netherlands
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    Things to do in Medemblik, The Netherlands

    Things to do in Medemblik, The Netherlands Last September I was invited with some fellow outdoor bloggers to explore Medemblik. This is a small city north of Amsterdam and even though I had heard the name before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I went and was pleasantly surprised about things to see and do in Medemblik and decided to write this full Medemblik travel guide for you. Enjoy!   Medemblik is the oldest city in West-Friesland, a region in the Noord-Holland province, north of Amsterdam. The city has less than 10.000 inhabitants and is located on the shores of the IJsselmeer. Tourists generally visit for the numerous water…

  • wildlife in hoge veluwe national park
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    Wildlife in Hoge Veluwe National Park

    Watching wildlife in Hoge Veluwe National Park Ever since I live nearby Hoge Veluwe National Park, I head over as often as I can. Sometimes to just walk for a few hours, sometimes in the search of wildlife. I occasionally get the question what the best spots are for watching wildlife in Hoge Veluwe National Park. In this blog I’m sharing the best spots for wildlife viewing in the park and also a short movie that I recently made with my iPhone, while driving through the park.   Where to find wildlife in Hoge Veluwe National Park Basically, you can run into wildlife anywhere in the park. Having said that,…

  • hoge veluwe national park
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    Hoge Veluwe National Park – all you need to know!

    As I previously wrote on the blog, I’ve been out on some pretty cool micro-adventures recently. The first ones happened in my own back yard, which is Hoge Veluwe National Park. This is the most famous national park in The Netherlands and located near the city of Arnhem, my hometown. Since I came back from New Zealand I moved into a small cabin in the woods north of the city and the entrance to the national park is only a 30 minute walk away. And so I figured that telling you about this national park would be the best start to kick off my micro adventure series.   About Hoge…

  • tokkelen vanaf de euromast
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    Ziplining from The Euromast in Rotterdam

    Adventure in The Netherlands: ziplining from The Euromast It’s a gloomy Sunday in May when I wake up. As I look outside the window, I’m once again sad that the weather isn’t very appealing. However, soon after I realize it’s going to be an exciting day for me, I’m going ziplining from The Euromast (‘Eurotower’). I signed up for it on a whim, just because it sounded like a lot of fun. We’ll see if that it actually really true.   Later that morning it’s still raining. As I have to drive from Arnhem, which is about an hour and a half by car, I call the company to check…