• Wandelen in de Kampina in Van Gogh Nationaal Park

    Tips for Van Gogh National Park in The Netherlands

    Did you know that we have a new national park in development? Van Gogh National Park spreads out over the places in Brabant where Vincent van Gogh found inspiration during his time in The Netherlands. The special thing about this national park is that it’s a large contiguous area, in which you will find nature reserves, cities and villages. In collaboration with Dutch National Parks, I visited some special places and followed in the footsteps of the greatest painter in Dutch art history.     The most famous person from Brabant Vincent van Gogh is internationally known and probably the most famous person from Brabant, a province in the south…

  • Palthetoren Salland

    A visit to Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park

    Last summer I started a discovery tour through a number of national parks in the Netherlands in collaboration with Dutch National Parks. I still had one park to go when a new lockdown was announced in October and so my visit to National Park Sallandse Heuvelrug was postponed to this year. The idea was to not only just hike, but also do some other special activities to show that there is more to do than hiking or biking. Last week the time had come and I visited the Sallandse Heuvelrug. I did three different things: a hike over the Sprengenberg, I met with the sheep herd of Lemelerveld and I…

  • Wandelen in de Biesbosch
    micro adventure,  Netherlands

    Adventuring in de Biesbosch, NLDelta National Park

    For now this will be the last article in my series about the national parks in The Netherlands. In collaboration with Holland National Parks, I visited various Dutch national parks in recent months, with the aim of giving more attention to the beautiful nature that my country has to offer. Most recently, I visited De Biesbosch National Park, part of the new NLDelta National Park to be formed. I spent the night in a sustainable wikkelhouse at Stayokay, went kayaking during full moon and explored the Noordwaard by bike and on foot. In other words: a great trip based on human powered adventure. I’ll tell you all about it in…

  • Uitkijktoren Marker Wadden

    An expedition to the Marker Wadden in Nieuw Land N.P.

    Have you ever heard of the Marker Wadden? This nature reserve in the Markermeer in The Netherlands consists of various islands and is part of the Nieuw Land National Park. The national park has been open to the public since 2020 and I was asked to visit Marker Wadden in collaboration with Dutch National Parks. In this article I will tell you all about it including a lot of practical information for your visit. Enjoy reading!   Also read: a micro adventure on the Wadden Sea during a running aground excursion   About the Marker Wadden and National Park Nieuw Land The Marker Wadden is the largest man-made nature reserve…