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    Top destinations in Europe for experienced hikers

    Welcome to another list of best destinations for hiking. If you don’t mind letting your quads burn, work out until you can’t go much further and don’t let steep drop offs and steep ridges scare you, then continue reading because we’re giving your our top destinations in Europe for experienced hikers. Please note that, as with our previous top destinations for hikers, this is a personal selection only and that it doesn’t mean there are no easy hiking trails in the mentioned destinations … and of course we haven’t been everywhere (but it’s on our list) so please feel free to leave a comment with your own suggestions how we…


  • Mountainous Monday,  Switzerland

    Mountainous Monday: The Matterhorn

    One of Switzerland most famous peaks is the Matterhorn. This iconic mountain is also called Monte Cervino (Italian name) or Mont Cervin (French name). With 4.478 meters, the Matterhorn is one of highest peaks in Switzerland and the Alps. The famous pyramid shaped peak gives the mountains his unique character and charisma. The Matterhorn is located in the Canton Wallis and it is a very famous tourist attraction for the town of Zermatt. To get a good view of the Matterhorn a visit to Zermatt is recommended, where you can use the Gornergrat Train to the Gornergrat station (nickname: the Matterhorn Railway) or the Klein Matterhorn cable car. The Klein Matterhorn brings you all the…


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    August in pictures

    Whoah! August is almost over and that means that the end of the summer is near. Time flew by and before we knew it, so did our trips. We’ve got plenty of new stories coming up for you as we spent no less than the whole month (pretty much) in nature and are very inspired to write and share our memories with you. For now, we’ll share a bunch of our favorite August pictures. Enjoy! Martijn in Iceland It was late July when Martijn left to Iceland for guiding a tour. He was gone for almost three weeks and more about Iceland will appear soon here. We just love the…


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    Why oh why?

    People like to ask me why I bother to travel somewhere for a short time only. Go through all that hassle of flying/driving, just to be somewhere for a couple of hours/days. I’ve been on some crazy short trips over the last couple of years, I’ll admit that. Some examples: – Going to Paris for one night! With my first “real job” at a travelagency, we had the annual employee outing going to Paris on Saturday morning, coming home on Sunday evening. All I heard were complaints of fellow colleagues who said they wouldn’t have bothered to arrange that. All I could think about was “yay, I’m going to Paris!!!” (apart…

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