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    Walking in Mallorca: four easy coastal hikes anyone can do

    You might not expect it at first, but you can do some beautiful walking in Mallorca. A few weeks ago I did a road trip in Mallorca with the aim of making beautiful and not too difficult walks. From my apartment in Porto Colom I made several trips on the island and in this article I share the four most beautiful coastal routes on Mallorca with you. Enjoy reading!   Walking in Mallorca: know before you go! First of all it is useful to know that it is better not to go on the hikes listed below in the middle of summer when it is very hot. There is hardly…

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    Hiking on La Palma: hiking tips & the best routes

    Hiking on La Palma – the best hiking trails on the island Last December I was on the Canary Island of La Palma for the second time in my life. For me, this island has been the biggest surprise of recent years in terms of best hiking destinations within Europe. I was there for the first time in the spring of 2015 and again in December 2018. Simply because it is so incredibly beautiful and there are so many wonderful hiking trails on La Palma. In this blog about hiking on La Palma I not only tell you all you want to know about the most beautiful trails, but also…

  • hiking in extremadura
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    Why you really should go hiking in Extremadura!

    Why you really should go hiking in Extremadura! Extremadura? I’ve only heard of it because of the soccer! That’s what a colleague of mine told me when I mentioned I was spending a weekend there. Up until pretty recently, I would have said the same. I’ve been trying to find some information about Extremadura online but not a whole lot is written about it. Extremadura is a region in Spain that has about 1 million inhabitants and is roughly the same size as The Netherlands. It was about time to give this region some more attention so the Spanish Tourism Board asked me to go there and get to know…

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    My 5 scariest moments of 2015

    As I mentioned before, I’m not a person who makes a standard sum-up of the year in journeys. I like making lists, but just those that are a little bit out of the box. Today, the last day of the year, I’m sharing my five scariest travel moments of 2015 with you. Generally I’m not scared very easily, although each year there are moments that make me wonder something like “hmmm, that could have gone horribly wrong…” Luckily I’m still around and I can still tell you this year’s stories with a smile on my face!   Solo hiking between the bears of Alaska “You know what to do, right,…