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    Mission 4.000: summiting Mont Blanc

    The first blog in the Mission 4.000 series is about my first ever climb  above the altitude of 4.000 meter above sea level, the climb of the mighty Mont Blanc. It was my introduction to climbing in ice and snow, at the time I was only climbing a little bit at the local indoor climbing gym and walls in Germany and Belgium.  As many of you know the Mont Blanc is the highest mountain of Western Europe with an altitude of 4.810 meters.  It’s the highest peak of a massive granite mountain range on the border of France, Italy and Switzerland.  This area is very popular for climbers because those kind of granite nature walls can’t be found…


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    Why oh why?

    People like to ask me why I bother to travel somewhere for a short time only. Go through all that hassle of flying/driving, just to be somewhere for a couple of hours/days. I’ve been on some crazy short trips over the last couple of years, I’ll admit that. Some examples: – Going to Paris for one night! With my first “real job” at a travelagency, we had the annual employee outing going to Paris on Saturday morning, coming home on Sunday evening. All I heard were complaints of fellow colleagues who said they wouldn’t have bothered to arrange that. All I could think about was “yay, I’m going to Paris!!!” (apart…

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