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    Patagonia hiking: tips for the the best hikes in Patagonia

    All the best in Patagonia hiking – my tips for the best hikes in Patagonia Patagonia is on many people’s bucket list and that’s with good reason. Argentina and Chile’s most southern region is quite often mentioned by the media as must visit destination. If you ask me, a three time Patagonia traveler and hiking fan, I think that is all right. Patagonia is quite amazing. I figured I’d gather all my Patagonia hiking information for you in this blog with the best hikes in Patagonia.   Let me start by saying that up and until today I have not found what Patagonia exactly is. Some say it’s anything down…

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    Most embarrassing moments while solo traveling in South America

    As you may (or may not) have noticed I recently spent a couple of weeks traveling through South America. It was a trip that I made for my office job and I have to say that I was super excited yet a little nervous too. Most of my famtours as we call them I do with a small group or some colleagues. Only once before I did one of those by myself but that was in Alaska, which by now I know even better than I know my own backyard. However, going to South America by myself was another challenge. With all those stories about Zika, the Olympics and crime…

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    Hiking the W Trek in Torres del Paine National Park

    Hiking the W trek in Torres del Paine, how it got started It has been quite a few years ago since we hiked the W trek in Torres del Paine National Park. However, we still get questions from our readers about it every now and then so I figured it would be good to write about the experiences we had. We hiked the W trek already back in 2009 but I figured it’s about the experience, most practical information can be found on other websites. I made sure though to have this article checked by a couple of friends of mine who hiked this trail more recently over the past…

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    6 Stunning places you haven’t heard of unless you’ve been there!

    I have this thing against hyped words that everyone uses in the travel industry nowadays. We all have our so-called ‘bucketlist’, everyone wants to go ‘off the beaten path’ (seriously, what’s that anyway?) and many bloggers seem to describe that one secret place they accidentally bumped into as ‘the hidden gem’. Although I’m probably not the most original blogger out here, at least I can say that I often write about places that not a lot of people visit. I don’t write about the most popular bars in London, how to spend a weekend in New York City or how to do destination X on a budget. Quite often, readers…