• Kyanjin Ri
    Confessions of a travel blogger,  Nepal

    5 Things I learned while traveling in Nepal

    Things I learned during my trip to Nepal – confessions of a travel blogger Hello, I’m home again! For a few days already by the way, but I decided to extend my vacation by a few more days. Apart from occasionally posting a social media message, I did almost nothing online. Most of all acclimatize back home again (especially to the nice and warm here in the Netherlands!), but also the horror that is called pollen allergies and I’ve enjoyed some outdoor time with my boyfriend after being away for two weeks.     Even though I truly enjoyed my trip to Nepal, it didn’t really go as planned. Far…

  • digital nomad life
    Confessions of a travel blogger

    The disillusion that’s called digital nomad life

    It’s about time for me to speak up. Really speak up that is. Digital nomad life was a big disillusion for me. Nine months I tried it and deep in my heart I already knew after a few months: this is not my future. I love to travel and love to write and still want to continue traveling but just not as a digital nomad anymore.   A few years ago the so-called ‘digital nomad life style’ seemed to be popping up everywhere. Whoever scrolled through social media or read popular magazines saw pictures and/or stories of entrepreneurs working location independent in the most tropical places on the world, sipping…

  • Confessions of a travel blogger

    America … here I come!

    I realize it has been awfully quiet on the blog. Although this never was my intention, it just seemed to happen that my Dutch articles don’t really get translated anymore because it was just too time consuming over the past couple of months. However, from Friday on I’m leaving my office job behind and I’m finally able to travel and write at the same time, something I’ve been looking forward to forever.   My journey to America is about to start at the end of this week. I’ve got four more days in the office coming up, then I’ll pack my bag and the next day I’ll be flying to…

  • fjällräven eco shell
    Confessions of a travel blogger,  Iceland

    Personal: never travel without saying goodbye to your loved ones

    This post was written last summer but I’ve only found the courage to publish it now… an update can be found at the bottom.   As I’m writing this, I’ve opened up my Macbook for the first time in over a week. It’s been eight months since I went without my computer for that long. I’m currently on the way home from Iceland, a bit earlier than planned. Today I’m going to talk about something that I have almost never read a blog about before. And trust me, I read a lot of blogs. Today’s blog is about family. And what it means to them when you travel.   For…