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    Happy National Park week – Park Post special!

    Happy National Park week everyone! This week (19-27 April) more than 400 national parks in the US are opening their doors for free. How I wish we’d live in the US so we could visit them all … we fell in love big time with the grand natural variety of the US National Parks during last year’s roadtrip. So even though we are not American, we’re going to share our favorite photos of the parks we have visited, in honor and with respect to natural beauty! Arches National Park, Utah It would have been easy to post a picture of an arch here but let’s not do that. Instead, we’ll…

  • biking to maroon bells
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    Biking and hiking to Maroon Bells

    Our trip to Aspen, Colorado And then there’s Aspen, Colorado … A place we were warned not to go to by Americans. And by many fellow travelers. ‘Because it’s expensive, overrated and busy. Overrun with rich people and their massive houses and without space for the budget traveler.’ That’s what we were told by various people. And yet we still wanted to go. Why? It was just a gut feeling. By now, after almost 14 years of traveling together, we’ve learned that those gut feelings sometimes do have a meaning. In this case, listening was the right decision. So off we went. We’d heard great stories about seeing and hiking to…

  • camping in mueller state park
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    Hiking and camping in Mueller State Park

    When we first got to Colorado, we wanted to get out of the city as quickly as we could. However we had some difficulties finding a nice campsite not too far from Denver, which also has tent sites because we didn’t really want to get stuck between RV’s with our tent. Eventually we found a small state park and so we ended up hiking and camping in Mueller State Park, just about a 45 minute drive from Colorado Springs.     Upon arrival we were pretty excited as this would be our first night camping in Colorado in the middle of bear country. We checked in and drove up to…

  • things to do in denver
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    Things to do in Denver

    Welcome to Colorado’s Mile High City – our favorite things to do in Denver Imagine being on a plane and seeing nothing but farmlands down below. You know the mountains have to be somewhere but yet they are nowhere in sight. The plane eventually lands and before you know it you’ve passed through security and are picking up your luggage. While signing the contract for the rental car (and making sure you DON’T sign for anything unwanted) you still wonder where those mountains are. By the time you are finally on the highway and sun is setting you see the skyscrapers of Denver appear. And in the back, the mountains…