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    Patagonia hiking: tips for the the best hikes in Patagonia

    All the best in Patagonia hiking – my tips for the best hikes in Patagonia Patagonia is on many people’s bucket list and that’s with good reason. Argentina and Chile’s most southern region is quite often mentioned by the media as must visit destination. If you ask me, a three time Patagonia traveler and hiking fan, I think that is all right. Patagonia is quite amazing. I figured I’d gather all my Patagonia hiking information for you in this blog with the best hikes in Patagonia.   Let me start by saying that up and until today I have not found what Patagonia exactly is. Some say it’s anything down…

  • best mountain hikes in the world
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    The best mountain hikes in the world!

    Hiking inspiration: the best mountain hikes in the world! Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been deeply in love with the mountains. Every time I see them appear in front of me, whether it’s from a car or the plane, my heart is skipping a beat. I immediately want to put on my hiking boots, put my backpack on my back and get out and explore. This blog is about my favorite and best mountain hikes in the world, in random order. They are not your average hikes in the Alps, each one of them has its own special feature or memory for me!   Harding Icefield Trail,…

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    Why a trip to Argentina should be on your bucketlist!

    The ultimate trip to Argentina Argentina is one of those places you will have to visit at some point in your life. It’s the land of the tango, the gaucho’s, soccer and our Queen Maximá. For me it’s also a land of extremes. Over the past seven years, I was lucky enough to visit Argentina no less than four times and I still haven’t seen all I’d like to see there. You can do some really great hiking, you can roam around in dazzling Buenos Aires and you can enjoy some really good meals. Oh and there’s also plenty of wildlife, it’s road trip paradise and it’s a great place…

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    Things to do in Ushuaia at the End of the World

    Things to do in Ushuaia, the end of the world in Argentina Ushuaia’s nickname is ‘Fin del Mundo’, which means End of the World. Is it really the end of the world then? Officially it’s not, however for many travelers it’s the southernmost piece of land they will ever reach on their journeys. Unless you are continuing on to Cape Horn or Antarctica, that is. Ushuaia is located all the way down south in Argentinean Patagonia, at the shores of the Beagle Channel. There are some 55.000 people living down there and they have to bear with a lot of wind and cold weather. The average temperature in summer is no…