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    As some of you may know, Martijn spent the majority of July guiding in Alaska. Each day he posted a short movie on his Facebook page, which he has now made a longer movie of. This is not Alaska as you see it in Nat Geo or Discovery, this is Alaska from a visitor’s perspective. Real people, real landscapes and real wildlife, not set up for tv but shot right on the spot with an iPhone. Enjoy!     Want to read more about Alaska? You may enjoy these: – ‘Happiness only real when shared?’ About solo travel in Alaska. – Solo hiking as a female in bear country Alaska…

  • Bus from Into the Wild Alaska
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    About the Magic ‘Supertramp’ Bus from Into the Wild

    Over the past months, I received quite a lot of questions about ‘the bus from Into the Wild’, also known as The Magic Bus. So in this blog, I will answer them for you, making the information available for everyone who wants to know more about it. Where to find it, where to find the replica, how the bus got there and why I choose not to go there (what??? yes, you read that right!…)   About the Magic Bus from Into the Wild My first time in Alaska was back in 2007. I was assistant guiding a camping tour and the lead guide thought it would be fun to…

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    My 5 scariest moments of 2015

    As I mentioned before, I’m not a person who makes a standard sum-up of the year in journeys. I like making lists, but just those that are a little bit out of the box. Today, the last day of the year, I’m sharing my five scariest travel moments of 2015 with you. Generally I’m not scared very easily, although each year there are moments that make me wonder something like “hmmm, that could have gone horribly wrong…” Luckily I’m still around and I can still tell you this year’s stories with a smile on my face!   Solo hiking between the bears of Alaska “You know what to do, right,…

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    Cook Inlet Photo Safari with Alaska Photo Treks

    It all started a couple of years ago when I got the chance to visit Alaska in wintertime. If you haven’t been on our website before, let me tell you that Alaska has a special place in my heart. Last night I was watching Into the Wild for the 100th time and I still had to cry at the end of the movie. So anyway … during this winter trip I met Jody Overstreet from Visit Anchorage, whom had invited me to come and experience Alaka during wintertime. While on this trip, she took the below amazing picture of me and I knew straight away she’s a talented photographer. Over…