Bucket list: 3 countries with M in Africa I’d love to see

Destinations in Africa for the bucket list!

Recently I saw the possibility to fill in an online map with the countries where you have been. And Africa remained the big empty continent for me. It’s not that I am not interested in it, but in a way I never immediately think of Africa when I choose a new travel destination. Yet I see Africa appearing all around me. For example, some fellow bloggers recently traveled in Madagascar, my friend Marieke was in Namibia recently and I read an article about hiking in South Africa. So it’s time to fill the bucket list for Africa and I start with three destinations with an M. Because Africa must be incredibly MAGNIFICENT! Enjoy this blog!

1. Morocco

Morroco seems like the perfect place to travel, check out these romantic getaways to Marrakech. I cannot believe my boyfriend has been Marrakech in Morocco many times and I have not. It’s one of those places he has been to plenty of times before we got together, like with me for New Zealand. He’s been bouldering plenty of times (his favorite outdoor activity besides hiking) and I’m hoping we can go to Morocco together one day soon to go hiking and enjoy the outdoors. In The Netherlands (where I’m from) a while ago it was completely hyped to go to Morocco for a weekend with a low-budget airline like Ryanair. Even friends of mine who never traveled went to Morocco as it was relatively cheap to travel there. Plenty of organized tours are operated and it seems so easy to head there now. It never really happened to me in one way or another, but it seems really great to go hiking in the Atlas Mountains. I imagine that you hardly see anyone and that the paths here are deserted and non-touristy. In addition, I would of course like to visit Marrakech or Fez if possible. Yes, now that I think of it Morocco definitely needs to be on top of my list with Magnificent countries in Africa I should visit one day!

2. Madagascar

I actually didn’t know anything about Madagascar until I saw something on Twitter. While it passed my timeline i caught my eye I started reading about it. It seems like it’s an off the beaten track destination so it’s a little hard to find much about it. However I soon found out that the wildlife is amazing. As well as that you can take fantastic walks here, including in the Andringitra mountains. It seems super cool to camp here among the wild and to wake up among the lemurs. The Isalo desert area also looks great on the internet and it reminds me a lot of the red rocks in America. In addition, since I had to memorize the map of Africa for my tourism education, I have had a sort of fascination with the name of the capital of Madagascar: Antananarivo. Because it sounds so beautiful and probably also because you can shorten it to Anto. Which happens to be my nickname. Ever since I started reading about Madagascar I knew I have to. Rather soon than later, in fact …

3. Mauritius

Let’s end this top three with a rather out-of-the-box destination for me, which is Mauritius. Because I secretly think it’s nice to lay on the beach now and then and relax, as I learned in Bali. So then Mauritius seems like a good choice. Palm trees, white beaches, good food and lots of cocktails. Yes please! In addition, you can do various outdoor activities such as cycling, snorkeling and hiking in one of the nature parks, so just like Curaçao (where I went to a couple of years ago) it seems a great destination to be active in nature with the pleasant combining relaxation. In addition, I’d also really love to visit the island of La Réunion which is often combined with a visit to Mauritius. I’ve recently seen a Dutch tv show about it and it seems like a total hikers paradise. And still a little unspoiled, which can be a little hard to come across these days with flying becoming cheaper and more accessible for everyone.

More things to see in Africa

There is of course much more to discover in Africa and I think that my good intention for next year should be that I will travel to at least Africa once. I know some people get totally hooked on Africa once they have been for the first time and keep on going back over and over again. Do you have any tips and / or suggestions for destinations in Africa that I should see as a fan of outdoor activities? And where hiking is possible by myself and not with a guide? Please let me know by sending me a message or comment below!
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