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It’s a late Sunday afternoon. I just opened a bottle of Undurraga Merlot from the Chilean wine district and have a few hours “off”. We spent the weekend in Rotterdam, visited my dad on the way home and I managed to clean the whole upper floor. Time for relaxation! I’ve decided to not do the weekly plog (that used to be published during weekends) anymore as I simply can’t believe someone is interested in what I eat for breakfast or how I look like after I come home from the gym. Instead, I’ll be sharing a personal travel post with you each weekend from now on. What it’ll be exactly, I don’t know yet. It might be an interview with someone who inspires me, my week in (travel) pictures or a travel book I’ve read. Today, I’m sharing the Blog Boomerang that I came across at The Travel Tester a while ago. I filled it out but never got around to publishing it, but now seems like a good time. Have a good week everyone!

What is your most memorable travel experience? Why?
My 5 months “Down Under” were the best. It’s already been 12 years ago but it made me grow into the person I am nowadays. On this trip I discovered my true love for nature. Even though I liked Australia, I fell deeply in love with New Zealand because of its stunning landscapes. Ever since I knew I needed to go back there, which I eventually did in 2011.

Austr 091

What do you always carry with you on your trips?
A camera, either a small one or my Nikon D5000. When I go hiking I don’t always feel like carrying either so I make sure that I bring my iPhone at least. Another thing I can’t travel without are my contact lenses. I wrote a blog entry about this in Dutch a while ago for a bloggers contest and as it turned out, my entry was the winning one! I was awarded with a € 400 voucher for a stay with HomeAway.

Where will you go when you are 60 years old? Who with?
Let me start by saying that I hope to still be healthy by the time I reach 60. The idea of having our own camper and roadtripping around Europe or even USA sounds like a plan. Hopefully we’ve retired by then and can afford to live from traveling. Roadtripping will be the way to do it! And who with? The same guy I’ve been traveling with for 14 years now!

Alaska 2011 kleine camera 536

What do you refer to as “creative travel”? Would you like to try it? And if so, where and how?
In my opinion, creative travel involves a combination of seeing things and actually enjoying things. You can run to the Grand Canyon, take a snapshot among all the other tourists and set off to Arizona’s next highlight. Or instead, you can try to find a way to escape from the crowds and truly enjoy its beauty in peace and quiet. Don’t always go when everyone else is going but make the most of the time you have.

Your most beautiful travel experience with a local person?
I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a “local person” traveler. I guess the best place to get in touch with locals would be Asia but I’ve not been there a lot. When visiting Bali as a stopover on the way to Australia, everyone wanted to take pictures of me (I was still a blonde then, see picture of me and the kangaroo) which felt kind of uncomfortable.

What piece of advice would you give young people who want to travel?
Go for quality, not quantity. Don’t necessarily go for the cheapest but try to find places that truly inspire you. Don’t follow the mass to (for example) Asia just because it’s cheap and easy, but instead, try to challenge yourself to find your own way and develop your own passion.

What is your personal limit on your travels? What would you still try or endure, where is your borderline?
I have a fear of water and therefore most water involved things are not my favorites. My canoe flipped over one day and I ended up underneath it in a river, but I still go paddling every now and then. I almost got washed away by the strong current while doing an almost waist deep river crossing in Iceland. It was the scariest experience ever and that’s where my borderline is. If the water gets too deep I don’t cross. Call me a pussy but this particular experience caused me nightmares for a long time… (the picture below is not the same river btw, this was just an easy one on the same track).


What travel experiences make you really proud?
Many of the multi-day tracks I’ve done, such as the Inca Trail, W-trek in Patagonia and the Laugavegur in Iceland. They are all physically demanding in their own way and as I used to be the biggest lazy-ass you had ever seen in the past, my mother still can’t believe I do all those things now.

If you could board a plane tomorrow, where would you go?
Well, I am actually boarding a plane tomorrow, taking me to Santiago de Chile. For next year, my “big trip” will hopefully bring me to Japan, Nepal or South Africa.

Your tastiest travel dish?
The burgers at Hard Rock Café and Ferg Burger in Queenstown, New Zealand. Man, I’m a sucker for good burgers. Bring ‘em on!

What is your very own, personal travel philosophy?
Travel is a lifestyle. If you treat it that way, it may you get you very, very far!

Alaska 2011 kleine camera 065

I loved these questions. I hope I managed to share my passion for travel and inspire you to travel more… Feel free to post them to your blog as well, with your own personal answers, that is!

I’ve convinced Martijn to join in too. So keep an eye out for his part of the Blog Boomerang!

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