The best multi day hikes in the world!

best multi day hikes in the world

15 Years of hiking and the 10 best multi day hikes in the world

A couple of years ago I wrote a Dutch article with the best multi day hikes in the world. It has been online for almost five years now and up until now, it’s one of my most read Dutch articles. By now I have moved around the world quite a bit and added a few more great hikes to the list. So I updated it, translated it into English and also made sure it’s a top 10, as a top 5 wouldn’t be enough. So here is my top 10 of the best multi day treks in the world that everyone should make. All hiked and experienced in full by yours truly. Some even more than once. Enjoy!

1. Laugavegur, Iceland

The absolute number one on my list is the Laugavegur hike in Iceland. It’s a very popular trek and maybe not very original, but it’s incredibly scenic and that’s why I love it so much. While you are reading this, I’m probably in Landmannalaugar again. Just because it’s so incredibly stunning. The crowds? I will leave them behind. The cold? You can dress up for that. The experience? One to never forget! The best part of the hike? Hmm, difficult question but most likely the ryolite mountains around Landmannalaugar. Or maybe the Eyjafjallajökull volcano near Thórsmörk? I can’t pick just one part, but I can guarantee that it’s special.
Duration: 3-4 days
Distance: 55 km
Difficulty: medium, in poor weather strenuous
Best time of the the year to hike it: July and August
Departs from: from Landmannalaugar, which can be reached by bus from Reykjavik
Where to get supplies: only in Landmannalaugar or Thórsmörk
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laugavegur ijsland

2. Everest Base Camp Trek via Gokyo, Nepal

Mount Everest Base Camp Trek is definitely my number two on the list, but only the one that will lead you through Gokyo. This version will take you about 3-4 days longer than the regular Mount Everest Base Camp trek, but it’s well worth it, so make sure you have enough time. Not only will you sleep under the wings of Cho Oyu but also you can see the famous emerald colored Gokyo Lakes and you can climb Gokyo Ri, in case the weather allows it. The climb across Cho La Pass is difficult and not for the faint hearted but trust me, when I can do it, you can!
Duration: 15 days
Length: 220 km
Difficulty: strenuous, mostly because of the altitude
Best time of the the year to hike it: October, November, March and April
Departs from: from Lukla, you will fly here from Kathmandu
Where to get supplies: in tea houses along the way you can buy anything you may need
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hiking to everest base camp

everest view hotel

3. Kepler Track, New Zealand

Out of the nine Great Walks in New Zealand, I have walked five. It’s hard to decide which was the best because all five I did were stunning, yet the Kepler Track was the most memorable. Why? Day two is a ridge walk that leads you across the peaks of the Kepler Mountains with the most stunning 360 degree panoramas. Even though you are just a one day walk away from the rest of the world, it feels like there is no end to the views and that you are really far away from any means of civilization. Tip: you must book all huts ahead because it’s a very popular trek.
Duration: 4 dagen
Length: 60 km
Difficulty: day 1-2 medium, day 3-4 easy
Best time of the the year to hike it: November until April
Departs from: Te Anau
Where to get supplies: you bring all your food
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hiking the kepler track

4. Berliner Höhenweg, Austria

WOW! That was the feeling I got when I hiked the first day of the Berliner Höhenweg in Austria. I steadily hiked up to my first overnight stay and within a couple of hours I was right in the heart of the Zillertaler Alps. From here onwards the hike is just stunning. You take old cattle trails which can be extremely narrow, the drop offs are big and so there is no space for fear of heights. It’s incredibly gorgeous though, you will love the glaciers and the mountain peaks surrounding you! It’s an alpine hike exactly the way an alpine hike should be!
Duration: between 2-7 days
Length: 70 km
Difficulty: strenuous
Best time of the the year to hike it: July, August, early September
Departs from: Finkenberg (near Mayrhofen)
Where to get supplies: you can buy meals in the mountain huts
berliner hohenweg

berliner hohenweg

5. W-trek, Torres del Paine, Chile

This was a trek I have some bad memories from. My former partner and me both got sick and once we got out of the park, I got a message that I needed to call home immediately. The trek is stunning though and when I recently wrote a post about it, I recalled the pure beauty of this part of Patagonia. In five days you hike from spectacular rock formations to lakes filled with icebergs and across scary swing bridges. If you ever make it to this part of the world, make sure to do the W-trek, it’s one of the best 5 day hiking trails in the world for sure! Note: you MUST book the huts and campsites well ahead as this trail has become incredibly popular over the past years and accommodation sells out fast each season.
Duration: 4-5 days
Length: 70 km
Difficulty: easy-medium
Best time of the the year to hike it: November until April
Departs from: Torres del Paine NP
Where to get supplies: you can buy meals in the refugios or bring your own in case you are camping
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glacier frances french glacier w trek in torres del paine national park

6. Routeburn Track, New Zealand

The second Great Walk in this list is the Routeburn Track in New Zealand. This hike is one day shorter than the Kepler Track but offers the hiker a little more variety. You start hiking in the mountainous Mount Aspiring National Park and you gradually make your way over to the lush and green Fiordland National Park. I hiked it twice, for the first time in 2011 and once again most recently in 2018. The first time the weather was gorgeous, the second time it was horrible and soaking wet all three days long. As with the Kepler, you must book your overnights in the huts well in advance!
Duration: 3 days
Length: 32 km
Difficulty: medium
Best time of the the year to hike it: November until April (there can be snow until December)
Departs from: Queenstown or The Divide
Where to get supplies: you bring your own food
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7. Pieterpad, The Netherlands

Of course I can’t make a list without at least one Dutch multi day hike. I walked various long distance hikes here but the Pieterpad (Path of St. Peter) is the best one you can do. There is a lot of variety in the landscape and it’s easy to hike from town to town, so you can either do it in one go or like I did, in a couple of years. The parts near Limburg and Salland were definitely my favorites!
Duration: about 26 days
Length: 492 km
Difficulty: easy
Best time of the the year to hike it: year round
Departs from: you can start walking anywhere
Where to get supplies: in nearly every village you will walk through


8. The Overland Track, Tasmania

The Overland Track in Tasmania is one of the most famous multi day hiking trails in Australia. It has become rather famous as it has been raved about by Cheryl Staryed and guess what… I had poor weather nearly every day! Nothing you can do about that but it does influence your opnion about the track. Still I had an awesome time and I would not have want to have missed it. If you are ever in Tasmania, make sure to make this trek a priority! It’s by far one of the best week long hikes in the world!
Duration: 6 days
Length: 65 km
Difficulty: medium
Best time of the the year to hike it: November until April
Departs from: Cradle Mountain National Park
Where to get supplies: you will carry everything yourself
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best hikes tasmania overland track

dove lake circuit best hikes in tasmania

9. The Inca Trail, Peru

It’s crowded yet it’s one of those things you will have to do when in Peru: hike the Inca Trail. It was my first ever big trek and I loved every bit of it. The moment you arrive at the Sun Gate and see the sun rise over Machu Picchu is one I will never forget. If anyone ever tells you not to do it and that alternative tours are better, I can say NO WAY!
Duration: 4 days
Length: 43 km
Difficulty: medium – strenuous beause of the altitude
Best time of the the year to hike it: May until October
Departs from: Ollyantaytambo or Cusco
Where to get supplies: meals are included, you will have to bring your own snacks
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mooiste meerdaagse trektochten ter wereld

mooiste meerdaagse trektochten ter wereld

10. Cerro Tronador, Argentina

This isn’t really a multi day trek but because the final destination is just super stunning, I wanted to add it to the list anyway. You will be trekking to Refugio Otto Meiling, located in the area around Cerro Tronador in Argentinean Patagonia. It’s not a very hard trek and the way up is the same as the way down but man, it’s so gorgeous. Especially when you get above the tree line and you are surrounded by glaciers! When the last rays of sun light up the ice at night, you know for sure you have reached a very special place!
Duration: 2 days
Length: 28 km
Difficulty: medium
Best time of the the year to hike it: December until March
Departs from: by bus from Bariloche or from Pampa Linda if you have your own vehicle
Where to get supplies: you can eat in the refugio
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best multi-day hikes

refugio otto meiling


So, that’s my list of 10 best multiday hikes in the world. I have done some seriously good hiking over the past years. Many haven’t even made the list, I could have easily made a top 20 but unfortunately, that will have to wait until some other time. How do you like our list of best multi day hikes? Which one should we go on next? I hope that you enjoyed our list of best trekkings in the world and feel free to drop your questions and comments below!
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